Top tips for keeping friendships alive over at A Little Bird

Well if you’ve thought I’ve gone all AWOL on you all, well I kind of have. This self-nurturing business has seen me put the brakes on a bit to try and stop myself from feeling so overwhelmed. And it’s working, kind of. I have still been blogging though, I just haven’t been letting you all know about it!!

So, head over to A Little Bird Blogs to read my latest post on Top tips for keeping friendships alive. I feel blessed to have a small group of really special friends, but keeping them in my life has required alot more effort post-children. It’s been a bit of a work in progress really, so I’m attempting to share what’s worked for me. Go over and see how I’m keeping my friendships alive and let me know how you do to!

And while your there, you can read all my other recent posts I haven’t told you about as well as some other entertaining and thought provoking posts, like this post on switching off Facebook by my blogging nest buddy Ms CupoTea!

Looking forward to sharing some more exciting posts with you this week!


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