Why Santa photos and facial palsy don't mix

On Friday I had just written a post for A Little Bird about my dilemma on whether to get Santa photos taken this year.  Go over and read it, I’ll wait right here, OK?

So then Friday night we decided to take an impromptu trip to the city to see our friend’s cabaret troop Betty & the Betties perform and look at the Christmas windows and take a visit to Santa Land at Myer.

It was lovely being in the city and soaking up the festive atmosphere. Jarvis was enjoying the sights and the lights and we went up to the top level of Myer to Santa Land, as I’d heard there was a ‘Santa Train’ up there. Jarvis got quite excited about the train ride and lined up and I stood near the fence to wait for his ride. As the ride ahead of his took off, I noticed a photographer work his way along the train taking individual photos of the children onboard.

Not a big deal to most parents who probably felt pretty excited by the prospect of a festive train picture to share with the Grandparents. But for me, that uncomfortable knot nestled itself in the pit of my stomach and I sent a silent wish that the photo would be taken sensitively. Continue reading

Farewelling Christmas apathy

Ho, Ho, Ho! Things have taken a decidedly festive turn here in the last week. The tree is up, there are presents lurking in cupboards ready to wrap and I’m starting to plan the Christmas feast for Christmas day.

We usually travel to either side of the family at Christmas, but this year we’re having our first ever at home Christmas. It means I have to step up my Christmas spirit – which isn’t hard when you’ve got a three year old in the house who is just starting to understand what Christmas means.

Because we are usually away, we’ve made do with a small fibre optic tree bought from Coles with no decorations. That just wouldn’t do this year, so on Friday we set to work decorating our first proper sized tree. Jarvis got very excited by the baubles and got quite into the spirit shouting “MORE, MORE” even though the baubles were all nestled in the trees branches. And as a result, so did I. The iPhone was aclicking, instagram feed being updated and I genuinely felt that ‘inner-child’ moment of Christmas tree decorating of Christmas’s past.

I love our tree and this year it feels especially symbolic of firsts in our family: Hugo’s first Christmas, the first year Jarvis really ‘gets’ Christmas and our first family Christmas in our own home.

I’m still madly ticking off to do lists like a person possessed, but that tree in the corner is somehow a calming influence. A reminder of what it’s all about: family, fun, feeling, togetherness and effort rewarded.

What’s happening at your place this Christmas?


Hi I'm Belinda and I'm crap at craft

Take a peek at any number of blogs, facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and it seems everyone is just whipping up gorgeous little Christmas trinkets with their little ones. Me? I’m just struggling to instruct how to put together some ready cut out Antler ears from a Kmart craft pack! Why oh why are there no instructions? Am I really the only one around on planet motherhood who is crap at craft?

Head over to A Little Bird where I’m lamenting my craft challenged ways. Luckily for mums like me, there are plenty of free Christmas craft workshops on around town at the moment. So check out the post and get some ideas of where to go for the best kids craft activities in Brisbane.

Are you crap at craft? Please tell me I’m not alone!

Top tips for keeping friendships alive over at A Little Bird

Well if you’ve thought I’ve gone all AWOL on you all, well I kind of have. This self-nurturing business has seen me put the brakes on a bit to try and stop myself from feeling so overwhelmed. And it’s working, kind of. I have still been blogging though, I just haven’t been letting you all know about it!!

So, head over to A Little Bird Blogs to read my latest post on Top tips for keeping friendships alive. I feel blessed to have a small group of really special friends, but keeping them in my life has required alot more effort post-children. It’s been a bit of a work in progress really, so I’m attempting to share what’s worked for me. Go over and see how I’m keeping my friendships alive and let me know how you do to!

And while your there, you can read all my other recent posts I haven’t told you about as well as some other entertaining and thought provoking posts, like this post on switching off Facebook by my blogging nest buddy Ms CupoTea!

Looking forward to sharing some more exciting posts with you this week!