Nurturing me November

This month got off to a bit of a rocky start as I felt the weight and strain of carrying too much, doing too much and as my last post mentioned I felt I was juggling too many balls. The problem, I’ve realised, is not really the doing and the juggling and the carrying but where my focus was. I was focusing on those dropped balls and not all the ones still up there being juggled with varying degrees of success. And man, was I beating myself up about it.

So a couple of weeks ago I sat myself down and drew a metaphorical line in the sand and said enough! The something that had to change, was not necessarily my workload but my approach. And the biggest change had to be my approach to myself. I had to look after myself in order to look after everyone and everything else.

So, I have made a few changes and have noticed an improvement in my mood, energy and productivity. Here they are in no particular order:

1. I make time to exercise

Instead of making a mad dash back to my desk after dropping J at daycare, if Hugo is not due for a sleep for a little while I take a walk along the bike path before I settle into my work day. I tried it last week and because I felt more relaxed, I got more work done in less time and I felt good after getting some fresh air and exercise.

2. I’ve taken up yoga again

Related to point one, I’ve taken up yoga again and slip off to a class when the boys are tucked up in bed. I noticed the effects of this almost immediately. I feel alot calmer and life’s general hassles and daily deadlines don’t send me into a spin. I’m also currently noticing it in sore abs and legs after a particularly full-on Lotus Flow class last night! It sounded so serene, but really was the most intense power yoga I’ve ever done!

3. I schedule my ‘must do’ things first

Instead of planning my week around my work to-dos, I have flipped the focus and put in my family, social and household must dos first and work my work tasks around these. So far, this is proving a better way to tick off my to do lists in general rather than letting work take the focus away from all my other roles.

4. I’m going easy on myself

I’ve made a real effort to check in on myself to make sure I’m coping and if there is anything I need to cast aside or delegate. I take time to soak up the moment without thinking what item on my to do item I’m going to tick off next. If I need to take a nana nap, I take it without guilt.

5. I’m attempting to get my eating back on track and I’m trying out Krill Oil supplements

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and emotional (for me these go hand in hand) I tend to just mindlessly eat crap to stop me feeling anything. Just stuff those emotions down with food! So I’m trying to get back on track by only eating when I feel hungry and have a treat here and there without eating the whole thing. This is hard for me. Also, the lovely people at Blackmores sent me some Krill Oil to try out right at the time I was feeling mentally and physically drained. I’ll report back on my month on Krill Oil very soon and will have a bit of a giveaway as well!

So, there are the five ways I’m attempting to nurture myself this November. Now over to you, how do you nurture yourself?

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