When not to tell someone their cardigan is inside out

There are many well-meaning people in this world. You don’t have to look very far to see people lending a hand to others and this surely does warm my heart. But what of those well-meaning people whose gestures, although a meant with the best of intent, somehow miss the intended mark of helpfulness.

I was on the receiving end of one such gesture today. I was pushing my umbrella style stroller up a ramp about to mount an escalator with three plastic bags of groceries hanging from the handles. The whole precarious set up was threatening to tip, so I was gingerly pushing and applying all my concentration to successfully mounting the upcoming escalator.

A voice from behind me, I missed it first time as my thoughts were preoccupied so I replied ‘sorry?’ and the voice, now attached to a young female who I have turned to face repeats ‘Excuse me, your cardigan is inside out’. ‘Oh… um … thank you,’ I reply as I look at my gypsy caravan set up and wonder inanely what I am supposed to do with this information at that moment. I get a bit flustered, and let a lady who is coming up behind me pass in front as I regain the composure to walk on, my inside-out cardigan insitu.

The lady passing me then says loudly, in an upbeat voice ‘That’s the last thing you’ve got to worry about right now, isn’t love?’ Amen, cool Grandma type. It is!

I know the inside-out girl meant me well, she had a smile on her face, but in my harried ‘let’s get this stuff back to the car without stacking it’ state it was the last thing I really wanted to hear. I would have preferred wearing my inside out cardigan home where I probably would have pulled it off, perhaps not even realising it was inside out or if I did I would have laughed at my own stupidity and wondered if I was caught out.

So, my conclusion is the dispensing of this information should be situational. If the person is otherwise busy/engaged/about to tip over child and groceries just let them be! Otherwise if you can get a quiet, private word in without anyone else hearing, go for it.

Agree? Do you usually inform people of their inside out/tag dag status? Or do you leave them in a state of ignorant bliss?

5 thoughts on “When not to tell someone their cardigan is inside out

  1. Agree wholeheartedly! I’m for the ignorant bliss camp. You might totally be into the inside-out cardigan look anyway – who is she to judge your fashion choices 😉 Hope you, your pram, groceries and children all made it home safely x


  2. Agree! This happened to me – dried baby vomit on my shoulder and down back of my top pointed out by a random while shopping. Would much rather have enjoyed ignorant bliss! As a) I didn’t have a spare top and b) no amount of wipes were going to do the trick! Oh and I struggle with escalators and prams too! x


  3. Ive also been caught out like this. I was in the queue at the bank and the lady behind me mentioned it. With only a cami on underneath it – there was no way I was going to take it off and put it on the right way in front of 6 strangers.
    Its the skirt caught up in the knickers while trying to go to the toilet, with the door part opended to keep an eye on the pram and toddler that you ready do want to be advised of…..(yes been there too…)


  4. I think that you should just let the person be. I continuously have the labels hanging out from the back of my shirts and I always have complete strangers coming up to me and tucking my tag in and fixing my shirt while they are at it, Whilst I am pushing my 10 month old in the pram holding my 2.5 year olds hand and trying to stop her from running away and trying to juggle with the box of Nappies on the top of the pram! It really is the least of my worries when my tag is showing.


  5. Guess she meant well 🙂
    I usually tell hubby before he walks out the door – he always puts shirts on inside out/back to front!
    Maybe you could have asked the lady to help hold everything for you so that you could fix the cardigan! That might have been enough to help everyone laugh about the situation 🙂 At least you didnt have everything inside out 🙂


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