Week in review – the things I never got time to blog about edition

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting on my couch, iPad with keyboard attached on lap with thoughts of a second cup of coffee in my head. The Mr and J are at swimming and my baby boy is on the play mat next to the couch tinkering with toys and practicing his moving skills. I breathe and soak up the sun thats streaming in the french doors.

I haven’t felt this sense of relaxation much in the past two weeks. It’s been go, go and more go and then sleep, then wake up to feed H and wake up in varying states of tiredness and do it all again.

But despite this, there has been a lot of great stuff happening and this week though challenging on a few levels was a pretty awesome kind of week. So, I bring you (drumroll please!!) Belinda’s Sanity Seeking Week in Review!

Guest star
I was featured on My Nappies website this week in a short Q&A style interview. You can read the interview here.

Work it
This week’s working week has been full of challenges, but I’m really loving sitting down in my new office area and getting into it. The biggest challenge was trying to sound all professional while a toddler is climbing on me and pegging various objects at my head, switching from ‘work me’ to ‘mum me’ in a split section and switching off from the ‘to do’ list when I’m not working. But I’m getting there, I think!

The boys

Both my little men seem to have conquered some major new skills this week. Hugo is hell bent on moving and it looks like crawling won’t be too far away. He’s getting up on his knees and trying to propel himself forward. While Jarvis boy is finding his voice more and more and all of a sudden is saying 3-4 word sentences. Favourites include: ‘Mamma, I hungry’ (accompanied by belly rubbing. rinse and repeat every half hour!) ‘I found it’ and ‘Wee on grass?’.

Queensland Bloggers

On Friday, I went to a Queensland Bloggers meet up, organised by Jacqui from CRAP Mamma. It’s the first time I’ve come along to one of these events and I had a ball. Such a group of chatty, smart and encouraging women. When I started blogging it seemed like a such a solo, almost self-indulgent practice but there is such a growing opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, not only online but now in person. I’m making it a mission to be more involved in this side of blogging as it really gives me a boost in motivation and confidence. I even appeared in a baby wearing photo with the lovely Veggie Mama and felt all cool by association, he he! (I’m trying to paste it here from instagram but am failing! Oh well, onwards!)

Professional me

In the last few months I have been putting alot of my thoughts into action about where I see my professional future. I’ve started to go to business brainstorming sessions and have connected with a lovely bunch of women from different industries. We meet up fortnightly to talk about any issues we’re having and set goals for our fortnight. One of these women is the very talented Joanna Bowden from Joanna Kate Photography who took photos of four of us from the group for our new professional head shots. I’ve never had any taken before, but wanted some for my blog and for any writing work that I do that requires one. Here is one of my favourites:

So, how about you? I’d love to hear your week in review too!

3 thoughts on “Week in review – the things I never got time to blog about edition

  1. Oh, you know… catered continuously for a lot of kids, washed (but didn’t fold) a lot of clothes, ran around after three boys.. just the usual craziness 😉 Nice wrap up of your week. Blogging conference sounds like fun, and I LOVE the professional-you shots. Very gorgeous! PS. Sent you a random email last night from a new email address – if you didn’t get it, let me know and I’ll resend (not that you needed to respond if you did get it). Have a great week x


  2. Wow that photo sounds stunning – love hearing how your week went with family/work balance! Sounds like you have it down pact (almost!)
    We have been crazy here with Motorhome renovations/homeschooling/living! Looking forward to a weeken of R and R – not sure when that is going to be.


  3. Well if I could go back I would tell myself that it’s ok to leave the past benhid because moving forward will be so much better!! It all works out in the end and if people were meant to be in my life they will be.That what I thought was love is nothing like the love I will have for my child/children. It’s ok to think that I will do the absolute best job I can but it’s also ok if I don’t I’m not perfect.What a great post!! Thanks


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