The day my big boy turned 3

My first born baby turned three today. I’m sitting here feeling so full … full of cake most certainly, but my heart feels even fuller than that.

All week I’d been stressing. About work, about the fact I hadn’t bought all his present yet, attempting to make cupcakes to take to kindy before realising I had no eggs, that I never seem to have enough time. The critical voice was kicking into over drive. Bad mum, bad friend, bad worker. Tsk, Tsk!

But as I sit here, all that seems so meaningless. My boy got his presents, the cupcakes got made, my work got done, we spent Saturday night making him a rocket cake. The lead up wasn’t perfect, things had to be cast aside, stripped back until only the important parts remained. Continue reading

Everyday I've been doing something that scares me

I love a good inspirational quote. But the one above has been entering my head a bit too much for my liking recently.

Let me explain.

I have a short walk around the corner from our home to J’s day care centre. About two weeks ago, I noticed a dead bat hanging from a power line strategically placed above the footpath. On quite a number of occasions the breeze has been stiff. My pace quickens as I look up at the dead bat as I will it not to fall splat on my head.

And each time I do it, the same internal monologue pops up in my head: ‘Do something you’re scared of everyday’

I’m pretty sure outrunning potentially falling dead bats is not what E. Roosevelt had in mind when she first said this!

What have you done today that scared the bejesus out of you?

When not to tell someone their cardigan is inside out

There are many well-meaning people in this world. You don’t have to look very far to see people lending a hand to others and this surely does warm my heart. But what of those well-meaning people whose gestures, although a meant with the best of intent, somehow miss the intended mark of helpfulness.

I was on the receiving end of one such gesture today. I was pushing my umbrella style stroller up a ramp about to mount an escalator with three plastic bags of groceries hanging from the handles. The whole precarious set up was threatening to tip, so I was gingerly pushing and applying all my concentration to successfully mounting the upcoming escalator. Continue reading

I'm not here … but I'm there

I am very excited to be spreading my blogging wings and flying over to A Little Bird as a resident blogger.

A Little Bird is a lovely little nest full of things to do for kids and bubs and I feel privileged to be blogging over there three times a week about parenting, fun and reviews of kid friendly places and activities. Continue reading

Week in review – the things I never got time to blog about edition

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting on my couch, iPad with keyboard attached on lap with thoughts of a second cup of coffee in my head. The Mr and J are at swimming and my baby boy is on the play mat next to the couch tinkering with toys and practicing his moving skills. I breathe and soak up the sun thats streaming in the french doors.

I haven’t felt this sense of relaxation much in the past two weeks. It’s been go, go and more go and then sleep, then wake up to feed H and wake up in varying states of tiredness and do it all again.

But despite this, there has been a lot of great stuff happening and this week though challenging on a few levels was a pretty awesome kind of week. So, I bring you (drumroll please!!) Belinda’s Sanity Seeking Week in Review! Continue reading

Working from home and a change of s(pace)

I’ve always loved the idea of working from home. The sweet freedom of fitting your work day around the times that work for you, taking the laptop up to a cafe and enjoying a coffee and sweet, sweet inspiration. Well, that’s what working from home would look like in my dreams.

In reality,working from home with two kids looks more like the image above. And that was a good moment. At least he’s not screaming. And relatively still. Continue reading

Hair emergency averted: great hair and relaxation at a child friendly salon

Last week I was putting off the inevitable, I needed my hair done badly (hello grey roots and untamable bouffiness!) but my much-loved hairdresser of the past 8 years is on maternity leave and I was having ‘hair trust issues’. I was also trying to find a time that worked best to get to the salon without the boys which proved difficult, so I just wacked it into the too hard basket.

But then there was a sudden opportunity to get some professional head shots done and I had to get my hair fixed fast … real fast! The shoot was scheduled for two days time. Continue reading