A band, a baby, a BBQ and a vintage store

Yay for Friday! And a Friday before a long weekend at that!

For those like me living in Queensland, we are lapping up a whole extra public holiday this year! Yeehah! Labor Day is being moved from May to October for us from next year, but this year we got both. Being on maternity leave, this wasn’t immediately apparent so it’s kind of crept up on me like a big surprise party.

In thinking about all the fun stuff we could do this weekend I remembered I hadn’t shared with you what we got up to a couple of weekends a go.

We went to see a band. With our baby. In a vintage store. And there was a Brazilian BBQ! So many of my favourite things in one sunny Sunday afternoon location.

You know how when you have young children and some previously enjoyed activities become no go zones? Going to see bands has become one of mine. Particularly, my lovely friend Kate’s bands. She has a few and they are all awesome.

Her main band Cuca Shop are a funk extravaganza and I haven’t seen them play for the longest time. A side effect of young babies, disturbed sleep and having to pre-plan babysitting.

But on this particular Sunday, the stars aligned with a Sunday afternoon gig that was kid friendly, held under the old Queenslander-style vintage shop ‘Can you keep a Secret’ in Greenslopes.

I wasn’t sure how Jarvis would go with lots of vintage items to touch, so our lovely friends Bri & Tom offered to have him for the afternoon and he had a ball playing with his buddies Harvey and Fletcher. But we needn’t have worried, there were plenty of kiddies running around dancing and having fun in the ample backyard.

The yummo Brazilyum! BBQ was set up in the backyard with tasty bowls of rice and BBQ meat and they sure did live up the their name. We had a great time catching up with friends and kicking back while we listened the band. Hugo and I even managed a bit of a boogie which sent him to sleep in the Ergo carrier.

We also got see Kate’s new group Betty & the Betties for the first time. The Betties are a comedy/cabaret/acupella war time girl group that remind me a bit of the Kransky sisters, combining killer harmonies with sharp, witty banter. They were a hoot!

Days like these are a lovely reminder to me of how nice it is to step outside your usual weekend activities and discover new places and things to do as a family.

What is your favourite weekend family activity? What have you got planned this weekend?

One thought on “A band, a baby, a BBQ and a vintage store

  1. That sure sounds like so much fun! We havent been going anywhere lately on the weekends as David is busy painting our Motorhome – but we love exploring and getting out.
    It sure makes a nice change.
    Going to the Vintage store to see a live band and have a BBQ sounds so weird but sounds so nice! Perfect way to enjoy a family day out.


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