Fifty shades of lame

See what I did there? Hooked you right in didn’t I? That Fifty Shades series has got women across the world all hot and bothered and now advertisers, journos and bloggers are getting in on the act.

The above ‘Fifty Shades of Summer’ brazenly called to me from the front of a furniture catalogue I retrieved from my mail box. Oooh, Sexy!

Am I supposed to feel a stirring of the loins that will encourage me to buy enclosed furniture items and multicoloured pillows?

I can hear the excited ad person now “Hey guys, if we wack Fifty Shades in front of ANYTHING people will pick it up and potentially get so turned on, they’ll buy whatever we are selling. It’s genius!”

Same for the Sunday newspaper editor “Hey guys, that travel feature on Queensland? I’m going to go with ‘Fifty Shades of Queensland’ as a big splash on the front cover and people are just going to be knocking down the newsagent door to get themselves a copy!’ (yes, I did see that headline a couple of weeks back).

Now that I’m using the headline myself I expect my blog hits to explode, catapulting me to blog stardom and my awaiting millions.

Yeah right!

I’m going to call it how I see it here and say that Fifty Shades headlines are Fifty Shades of lame. I am putting them in my public lame and shame file along with the use of ‘gate’ after random words to denote a scandal, hollywood mum post-baby bikini body shoots and anything to do with Campbell Newman.

Rant over!

Have you noticed the influx of Fifty Shades headlines lately? I want you to name and shame! If you see one, instgram it would ya? Tag with #50shadesoflame and tag me @savemumsanity so we can all share in the fun.

2 thoughts on “Fifty shades of lame

  1. Yeah I reckon its really funny how many people are using the term! I wanted to take the mickey out of it – with Fifty Shades of Cooking 🙂
    It turned out to be a good blog post, but is not that big with hits on the site. Actually it didnt increase my readers (never expected it to!) because really “Fifty Shades of Grey” is what everyone is looking for…not things/names added to the title.
    I too saw that Queensland Tourism article in the paper and had to laugh! Is that how they are now advertising to get the tourist numbers up?


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