Motherhood words of wisdom

Wouldn’t this be nice? Do you think it’s possible, or am I having one of my hippy idealistic episodes (of which I have many!). I don’t think any of us are immune from getting a visit from Judgey McJudgey occasionally, but I actively try not to indulge him when he comes a knocking.

Afterall, we don’t know what is happening in other people’s lives. Behind their closed doors. Inside their minds. The things they struggle with. Where they’ve been. I remind myself of that constantly, that things are not always what they seem.

I think the celebration starts with being honest, really honest. With ourselves and with other mothers. Not just playing lip service to the parenting cliches.

Let’s own our parenting decisions, so if someone does try to judge them they won’t get very far. And if we struggle to own them, let’s find the strength to ask ourselves why so we can try and fix what doesn’t feel right.

There is no right way to parent, we all find our own way through by loving and nurturing and doing what feels right to us.

I am still finding my way. I’m a work in motherhood progress, yet aren’t we all?

How are you progressing? What words of wisdom have helped you on your parenting journey?

4 thoughts on “Motherhood words of wisdom

  1. Well said!
    Best mothering advice I ever got (and it might have been from a book): Listen to all advice you’re given, but don’t necessarily follow it.
    And: Spend the last 2 weeks of your 1st pregnancy on the couch watching movies, you’ll never get another chance.
    Wish I had followed to that little pearl of wisdom, she was right!


    • So true! One thing that’s great about having LOOOONG pregnancies is that I did get to put my feet up first time around and work my way through the full Sex and The City six series box set! x


  2. My favourite Judgey McJudgey (love that term, by the way) moment was when my #1 wasn’t yet walking and I was at a park, watching mums chat and have coffee on one side of the playground while a toddler was having a great old time under the tap. I couldn’t believe that they would just let him play in the water, waste water, etc. … Then when my son was the same age, who was the kid needing to be dragged away from aforementioned tap? Oh yeah, he was mine. (Who puts a tap inside a fenced playground anyway?? 😉 I make a conscious effort to give a ‘been-there’ smile or help mums who seem to be having a difficult moment with their kids and just to leave my McJudgey hat at home, because you’re so right, we are in this crazy land of Motherhood together (and tomorrow, it’s probably going to be me having that ‘moment’!). I am so blessed with all the wonderful women and mums around me and, regardless of how we choose to parent, we all love our kids to bits x


    • Great comment Annie! I too am so grateful for the wonderful women and mothers I know who share honestly and help me gain perspective. Yes, those McJudgy moments always do tend to come and bite back at a later date too.


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