Brothers in arms: How Mr-almost-3 has welcomed his baby brother

I am often asked how J has coped with the arrival of his younger brother. I never know quite how to answer, as some upheaval and tantrums are sure to be par for the course, so I usually say he’s mostly taken it in his stride save for a few extra tantrums here and there and a few times where his touch has been a bit rough.

But really that’s life as a toddler, the 2 1/2 year age gap is one of navigating the newborn neediness alongside a toddler who still wants his mummy-time while wrestling with the pull of his own independence. Which on some days has left me exaperated, frustrated and completely arse-kicked to parenting desperation land.

In the time since Hugo has arrived on the scene, Jarvis has been day and night toilet trained (post on that coming up!), is moving to drop his day sleep and has resumed weekly speech therapy, so it’s been a big five months of challenges and growth for him too. Which is a fact I keep reminding myself of when I feel the frustration bubbling to the surface.

Just lately, I’ve noticed instead of just dealing with Hugo being around he’s starting to really enjoy him. He requests that I sit him ‘HERE, HERE’ as he pats the space next to his on the couch. He then casually slings his arm around his baby brother’s shoulder. He sits next to him on the floor and shows him different toys, and even when he climbs on top of Hugo and I’m about to chastise him for being too rough, his baby brother smiles and giggles and starts to grab his big brother’s hair.

He is now happy to share my lap with his brother instead of protesting that it’s ‘MY TURN’ and trying to shove him off. He introduces Hugo as ‘BABY’ to anyone he just meets and showers him with kisses and hugs.

I love watching them interact and their relationship grow (as my instagram feed attests. I just can’t stop taking photos of them together.) Although there are sure to be many battles ahead, fights and scrapes, I love that they have each other to lean on when only a brother will do.


8 thoughts on “Brothers in arms: How Mr-almost-3 has welcomed his baby brother

  1. Oh I do love watching brotherly love in action. It must be a MASSIVE adjustment for the big ones to welcome a sibling into the fold, so I think upheaval is definitely par for the course (and I’ve decided that anyone who says their older child was unfazed LIES 😉 After having a pretty tough time of it when we brought home #2, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at all the love heaped on #3 by both big brothers. I’m sure they’ll continue to go through ups and downs, but I agree, nice that they’ll all have each other on the road ahead. Love seeing pics of your two gorgeous boys x


    • I too was a first born and I distinctly remember feeling so put out about my sister’s presence that I bit her toe while she was being fed. So I can totally relate to the adjustment required. That’s lovely that your two older boys have welcomed their younger brother with such open arms. Ditto re photos of your lovely boys, especially #3 in all his wondersuited cuteness! x


  2. I love your last paragraph. I find it very comforting knowing my Children and their Cousins have each other to lean on through their life journeys. The scrapes and fights make for some good stories when they are older. I would love to add more siblings into the mix lol. Loving the photos of your boys x


  3. The photos are gorgeous! I really relate to this – I have two litte girls 19 months apart. The first part was pretty tough as their needs were so different but now the little one is 14 months they are really getting on well. I love to see them playing together. Although sometimes G is a little heavy handed with her little sis!


  4. Ahh the photos are priceless!!!!!

    Popping over from FYBF 🙂


  5. Gorgeous photos!
    Seeing siblings grow into their relationship with each other is amazing, isn’t it?
    The twinlets are each other’s constants and I love how seeing how their relationship is developing. There are moments when they antagonize each other but there’s also times of just pure love.


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  7. Paula Buffa – Wow these photos sure have Grammie teary eyed! They are such pruieocs boys and what an incredibly beautiful family. Grammie and P Tony are truly blessed. And thanks, Jos, for keeping our equally beautiful River and Lily at the top of the blog too.


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