And you call yourself a blogger? Lacking consistency

Last week’s ‘And you call yourself a blogger?’ post detailed how my uncanny ability to consistently suck at selfies may be holding me back from blogging success, which was a fun way to get the ball rolling.

But while my selfies consistently suck, my efforts at posting consistently kinda sucks too. In the early days I was a pretty consistent three to four posts a week kind of girl. I had a lot to say and the time to do it. I was enthusiastic and joined in all the linkys. But then life got in the way. I went back to work. I got all caught up in my head and lost my blojo. Sometimes weeks went by without post. Hardly the foundation for blogging success.

All those popular bloggers out there all have something in common and it has little to do with luck. It’s all about hard bloody work, being consistent, fearless and real. I’m pretty good at the real stuff, but the rest could do with improvement.

To be honest, part of the reason for the lack of consistency was I got lost in the mummy blogger woods somewhere and couldn’t see my purpose for the trees. Why was I here? What were my reasons for blogging in the first place? For me? For my kids? For my readers? I’ve taken some time to answer these questions and it seems my truth and my purpose lies somewhere in between.

So, dear readers I’m shaking off the fear, taking all those ideas out of my head and scribbled note pads and wacking them in an editorial schedule (and I totes got a plug in for it too) and getting back to a three to four times a week girl.

In doing so, there will be some more regular features and themes throughout the week to keep me focused and on track. I’m also hoping to bring you some of my favourite peeps on board for some guest blogs. So, if you’re interested send me an email!

7 thoughts on “And you call yourself a blogger? Lacking consistency

  1. “Lost blojo” , I love it. Yours is probably off galivanting with mine somewhere. If you find them, let me know 🙂


  2. I kinda like the fact that your blogs can be inconsistent – as to me that’s real, that’s life. You may not always have something to say or you may to too busy to say what you want to at that time. I love reading your blogs and love that I don’t know when to expect the next!


  3. I so hear you! I have written about the very same thing “Disconnect to Reconnect” – I am in the same blog boat as you! I have no idea what “Community” to be in. I am not a Mummy Blogger, not a travelling blogger, not a fashion Blogger – yet more of a Lifestyle blogger.
    I too have taken time off – I am no longer posting every day!
    And you know what it feels good. I love the fact that my blog does not own me – and now I feel less stress to be online all of the time.
    I reckon success is something different for everyone. At the moment I am connecting with my family and that is what makes me feel good!


    • Good on you Lisa! It’s so hard to find that balance, and I agree that the best thing to do is pull back a little and live our lives, enjoy our families and if the urge to blog is still there then we might just return with new focus and insights from doing what feels good. x


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