Fathers Day meets wedding anniversary

Yesterday was of course Fathers Day and it was also Mr P and my six year wedding anniversary. The morning started early with both boys in the bed and Jarvis handing over his card and ‘best dad in the world’ award he made at day care.

It also happened to be our monthly farmers market down the road. The plan was to wander down early and buy yummy stuff to feast on with my parents (Grandpa and Grandma) who were making the trip up from Northern NSW.

J couldn’t wait until he got home, scoffing on a french cheese stick from French Sins who bake the most gorgeous croissants, breads and other yummy french pastries. We bought a few chocolate croissants to share.

We also stocked up on fruit and vege and bought some bagels, yoghurt, strawberries and raspberries and headed home to get the Weber going with bacon, eggs and bangalow pork sausages (provided by Grandpa). Grandma brought a blackforest cheesecake for laters.

The cold morning morphed into the most lovely sunshiny day and we ate outside in the sun. The most perfect of days…

Until midmorning saw Mr P struck down suddenly with vomiting and diarrhoea. Happy Fathers Day and anniversary!! Luckily it seemed to be a passing bug and although he was still recovering today he is now on the mend.

Happily before he was knocked down, we got this lovely photo of all four of us together. Was probably the universes reminder of the ‘sickness and in health’ part of our vows.

How did you spend your Fathers Day?

5 thoughts on “Fathers Day meets wedding anniversary

  1. Gorgeous family photo. Sounds like a perfect way to spend Fathers day, good food and good company x


  2. Love the family pic! What gorgeous boys you make. Happy anniversary and Father’s Dad to Mr P, and shame about the tummy bug 😦 We spent Father’s Day scootering at a local park, then headed to the beach in the afternoon for some quality cousin time, and early fish and chip dinner. We definitely made the most of the magificent weather x


  3. Sounds wonderful! Love fish and chips by the beach – one of my favourite things. The stuff of great childhood memories. x


  4. Gorgeous photo 🙂

    Bugger about the tummy bug, hope no-one else gets it.

    Love the idea of having an anniversary and fathers day together – sure would make it an easy day to remember!

    We love going to farmers markets. They sell great products. We spent Fathers Day up at Eungella for one night. It was nice to get away, but it wasnt long enough.


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