A band, a baby, a BBQ and a vintage store

Yay for Friday! And a Friday before a long weekend at that!

For those like me living in Queensland, we are lapping up a whole extra public holiday this year! Yeehah! Labor Day is being moved from May to October for us from next year, but this year we got both. Being on maternity leave, this wasn’t immediately apparent so it’s kind of crept up on me like a big surprise party.

In thinking about all the fun stuff we could do this weekend I remembered I hadn’t shared with you what we got up to a couple of weekends a go.

We went to see a band. With our baby. In a vintage store. And there was a Brazilian BBQ! So many of my favourite things in one sunny Sunday afternoon location. Continue reading

Fifty shades of lame

See what I did there? Hooked you right in didn’t I? That Fifty Shades series has got women across the world all hot and bothered and now advertisers, journos and bloggers are getting in on the act.

The above ‘Fifty Shades of Summer’ brazenly called to me from the front of a furniture catalogue I retrieved from my mail box. Oooh, Sexy!

Am I supposed to feel a stirring of the loins that will encourage me to buy enclosed furniture items and multicoloured pillows? Continue reading

Motherhood words of wisdom

Wouldn’t this be nice? Do you think it’s possible, or am I having one of my hippy idealistic episodes (of which I have many!). I don’t think any of us are immune from getting a visit from Judgey McJudgey occasionally, but I actively try not to indulge him when he comes a knocking.

Afterall, we don’t know what is happening in other people’s lives. Behind their closed doors. Inside their minds. The things they struggle with. Where they’ve been. I remind myself of that constantly, that things are not always what they seem.

I think the celebration starts with being honest, really honest. With ourselves and with other mothers. Not just playing lip service to the parenting cliches.

Let’s own our parenting decisions, so if someone does try to judge them they won’t get very far. And if we struggle to own them, let’s find the strength to ask ourselves why so we can try and fix what doesn’t feel right.

There is no right way to parent, we all find our own way through by loving and nurturing and doing what feels right to us.

I am still finding my way. I’m a work in motherhood progress, yet aren’t we all?

How are you progressing? What words of wisdom have helped you on your parenting journey?

Brothers in arms: How Mr-almost-3 has welcomed his baby brother

I am often asked how J has coped with the arrival of his younger brother. I never know quite how to answer, as some upheaval and tantrums are sure to be par for the course, so I usually say he’s mostly taken it in his stride save for a few extra tantrums here and there and a few times where his touch has been a bit rough.

But really that’s life as a toddler, the 2 1/2 year age gap is one of navigating the newborn neediness alongside a toddler who still wants his mummy-time while wrestling with the pull of his own independence. Which on some days has left me exaperated, frustrated and completely arse-kicked to parenting desperation land. Continue reading

And you call yourself a blogger? Lacking consistency

Last week’s ‘And you call yourself a blogger?’ post detailed how my uncanny ability to consistently suck at selfies may be holding me back from blogging success, which was a fun way to get the ball rolling.

But while my selfies consistently suck, my efforts at posting consistently kinda sucks too. In the early days I was a pretty consistent three to four posts a week kind of girl. I had a lot to say and the time to do it. I was enthusiastic and joined in all the linkys. But then life got in the way. I went back to work. I got all caught up in my head and lost my blojo. Sometimes weeks went by without post. Hardly the foundation for blogging success. Continue reading

September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month

There hasn’t been many moments in my life where I’ve felt like turning around and giving a complete stranger a piece of my mind. But it happened once. In a checkout line of all places.

It was a while ago, Jarvis was sitting up in the seat of the trolley and I was facing him. He was smiling up at me and then began smiling at the people behind me, who when I glanced back were a mother and a pre-teen aged girl. Jarvis kept smiling at them and then I heard it. Muffled and whispered but it hit me like a a tonne of bricks. The mother says to her daughter “there is something wrong with that little boys face. Have a look.” Continue reading

And you call yourself a blogger? Sucking at selfies

This is the first of a series I am calling ‘And you call yourself a blogger?’ where I explore the possible reasons for my disappointing foray into the world of blogging.

In a time when stats are king, shaking your money maker for brands is de jour and finding a large community of mutual back-scratching fans is mandatory, I officially suck on all counts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing the ‘blogging high brow’ card here, all of these are admirable goals. I’d wack on ‘Baby got Back’ and booty shake down my street if I could improve any one of these things.

I’ve read all the ‘blogging how tos’ (and aren’t there alot of those!) and I know I can write, so why am I such a lack-lustre blogger? The answer lies in a number of key areas which I’ll explore in the coming weeks with most belonging in the category entitled ‘half-arsed’.

But this one is a bit different. I’ve been trying really hard at this one, but with practice comes more disappointment. I officially suck at selfies. Continue reading