{Grateful post} My Hugo baby at almost 5 months

As I ease myself back into blogging more regularly, it occurs to me I haven’t yet shared much about my littlest person. My Hugo baby.

He’s out of that newborn snuggliness now, a phase that passed by like a blink of the eye. He turns five months next week and already he seems in a rush to get out into the world and try everything. This evening when I went to prop him up against the cushion on the couch, he leaned himself forward and stayed there sitting up strong and tall. He’s been rolling both directions for the last month and is showing alot of interest in eating, grabbing a stray crust off his brother yesterday morning.

While being so grateful for the easy ride we’ve had with this second child of ours, it occurs to me how quickly he is growing up and how soon I’ll have two boisterous boys running through this house. So I stop and reflect on this second and last baby of mine, and what makes him so special.

I am grateful for his healthiness, the chub of his thigh and that little crease in his chubby arm.

I am grateful for his smile and giggle that puts a song in my heart and lifts my spirit.

I am grateful for the way he looks at his brother with cheery adoration, even after he’s been bopped in the head (again).

I am grateful for the chubby hand on my shoulder as hold him on one hip.

I am grateful for his easy-going personality and the cheer he brings to the house – our little ‘happy chap’.

I am grateful for his baldy head with the fair blonde hair growing back.

I am grateful for the family he has completed and for being delirously outnumbered by boys.

I am linking up with Maxabella’s #52weeksofgrateful over at Kidspot. What are you grateful for this week?


8 thoughts on “{Grateful post} My Hugo baby at almost 5 months

  1. oh they grow so fast don’t they?
    I think its so important to record and remember all these precious little details


  2. This is beautiful! Love my little girls’ chubby thighs! And witnessing that look of adoration – it’s the best, isn’t it? x


  3. Gorgeous. what a lovely post for your Hugo baby. 5 months is such an awesome cuddly squishy age.


  4. Gosh the time sure flys by! He sure is cute – wish we could freeze the baby stage 🙂
    Enjoy your time with two sweet little ones! They grow up so very fast.


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