A weekend beside the sea

It’s been hectic here lately. Despite the fact that to the outside world, maternity leave is supposed to be one big holiday I feel like I’ve never been busier. With no working outside the home to punctuate my week like it used to and Mr P working the last few Saturdays, I feel like every week winds its way into the next with ‘to do’ items outstanding and a clothing pile that’s perpetually stacked to overflowing.

So it was with relief that we packed the two boys and the resultant accoutrements that come with travelling with kids into the Mazda 3 and took off on Friday afternoon for two nights at Kings Beach, Caloundra.

The two days were spent chilling out by the beach, watching J playing in the playground and enjoying the spring sunshine.

Hugo got his first feel of sand between his toes and cold ocean water lapping at his bottom.

Such simple joys.

Getting away from it all always puts life into perspective for me, allowing me the space to really see and give thanks for all the good in my life, instead of fixating on the annoying details that suck at my sanity like that clothes pile that never quite gets put away and the state of the floor that never quite looks clean despite daily cleaning to name but two.

So today I felt fresh and renewed, despite a teething Hugo not sleeping for longer than 30 minutes at a time and Jarvis refusing his day sleep (yet again) the crazy schreeching mama that I had begun to morph into lately didn’t pop out for a visit.

Let’s hope I can hold on to this feeling for at least another day!!

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “A weekend beside the sea

  1. Oh I love that feeling ~ getting away from it all and de-cluttering from life. We tried camping last weekend, I cant wait to go again 🙂
    We love Caloundra Beach ~ especially the playground at the beach with the water fountain!
    Sounds like a two day weekend, that needs to be a week long adventure. Enjoy the sun, sand and the lack of housework!


  2. The water fountain rocks! It’s such a great spot there … I think a week long stay is definately in our future. Loving reading about your adventures Lisa, btw!


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