Outsourcing wish list


As I keep trying to fix up the design of my blog, which I’ve seemed to have stuffed up somehow as things seem to be moving V E R Y S L O W L Y around here, I’ve been thinking it’s time I outsourced these changes to someone who knows what they are doing. The time savings would be huge, freeing me up to actually write blog posts rather than tinkering around in my back end (not as suss as it sounds!). So the next item on my To Do list is to get some quotes and see if the cost is worth the benefit for me.

I love the idea of outsourcing those bits of your life that you don’t enjoy, that you are generally crap at or just don’t have time for. If money was no issue, I wouldn’t hesitate in outsourcing (in no particular order):

Cleaning: I hate cleaning, I am not particularly good at it and I never have enough hours in a day to get my house in consistent order. There’s three reasons. OUTSOURCE!

Meal planning & grocery shopping: I am proud to say I’ve come close to outsourcing this with the use of Coles Online. But even better would be someone to plan easy to prepare healthy meals, do up my shopping list and go do the shopping and come and put it all away in an orderly fashion. Ah! No more puzzling over meal options and who would eat what and no dealing with toddler supermarket demands and dodging wayward trolley pushers. OUTSOURCE!

Tantrums: I know dealing with toddler tantrums is just a part of parenting, but if you could outsource it – would you? I would! Some calm baby whisperer type just pops out and effectively charms and disarms the tantruming child while you go and read a magazine. Awesome! OUTSOURCE!

Toilet training: Much in the vein of tantrums, the other part of parenting I would happily outsource is toilet training. Although Master J is almost there now, if I had an expert I could have called in to do it for me and the money to pay for it, I would be very tempted. OUTSOURCE!

I’m sure there are plenty more. How about you? Do you outsource? What would you outsource if you could?

3 thoughts on “Outsourcing wish list

  1. I’m totally into outsourcing. And it’s not all about ‘cost’ but more about ‘value’… will it save our sanity?? šŸ˜‰ Yes, it may cost you more to get someone to fix your website, but will they do it faster, better, etc. and allow you more time to blog/generate income? In terms of meal planning, have you ever seen the Planning with Kids blog? (www.planningwithkids.com). I sometimes use that for inspiration, and she even has a new iPhone app to generate meal plans and shopping lists (link is on her website). Definitely makes a difference to my week if I’m organised on the meals front.
    I would love to outsource my washing… I have one of those magic washing baskets that seems to constantly fill up with dirty clothes, but sadly none of the magic washing baskets of clean clothes that magically fold and put themselves away šŸ˜‰ And on that note… on my one ‘free’ day with only one child who is now asleep, I really should go and get some housework done! x


    • You’re so right about that ‘value’ is the true test of successful outsourcing. I hear you on the washing and folding issue … that washing basket was mine on a good day. Usually there are two of the things with clothes heaped in them… if you find that magic folding and putting away basket, let me know! x


  2. I love the idea of outsourcing! Especially cleaning and cooking – I cook meals because I have too, but I so would love someone to come clean/cook meals every night!
    And I would love to find a Nanny McPhee to help with our crazy boys ~ that so would make my life so much easier!


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