A new look … for my blog and for me

When you are running on the treadmill of life with a young family while jigsaw fitting the rest of your life in the gaps, it’s easy to not only feel tired but start to look tired too. Not just in a bags under the eyes kind of way (that comes with the territory) but in a ‘I look like a bag lady’ kind of way. And now, 4 months on from having my Master Hugo I decided the bag lady just had to go. She was dragging me down and affecting my self-esteem and stopping me from being where I wanted to be – a functioning member of society (keeping my goals achievable at the moment, people!).

So, I took myself to Big W and hopped on the bandwagon that is the coloured jean trend and got myself some cheap and cheerful tops and cardigans to team with them. At first I felt a bit ridiculous donning my bright blue jeans on my post-baby body. I was judging myself for daring to wear them while I had a muffin top and a bit of a paunch and started to think the world would judge me too. But when you are wearing a bright colour, it’s hard not to stop smiling, so soon I was feeling happy with my new look and thinking about what other colours I would purchase. For a $18.89 jean, the fit is great and I say this as a girl with ample bum and thigh, not to mention calves that would make a footballer proud. There is a good amount of stretch, making them really comfortable for park jaunts and walks around the neighbourhood.

So now I have a new look, I decided it was time for this blog of mine to get a bit of a makeover too. I am convinced there is something special about this space but it’s fair to say we’ve both been suffering a bit of an identity crisis and it was tempting just to shut her down and concentrate on something else. But after some careful deliberating, I think it’s time to polish the old girl up (is 2 1/2 years old in Internet terms?), renew my focus and create and grow something special here. So keep an eye out for alot of new stuff, a bit of old stuff, less of me but more of me at the same time. Confused? I’m hoping it will be alot like my coloured denims, a leap of faith towards happiness, honesty and no more self-judgement. For me and for all the other mums out there.

Are you with me? Let’s wack on the proverbial skinny coloured jean and survive and thrive in this crazy land of motherhood in style!

What colour are you wearing?

7 thoughts on “A new look … for my blog and for me

  1. Looking gorgeous (both you and blog) 🙂 I should join the coloured jean revolution too… maybe blue or green for me. Totally need a post-3rd baby makeover too. I have been a very slack commenter lately, not to mention neglecting my own blog, but I am reading – promise. Hope being a Mummy-of-2 is going well x


  2. I think Michelle Pfeiffer was right on track when asked about motherhood. ‘you eventually get out of track pants, but never get back to accessorsing!’
    In real life I goes more like this….
    You look like a million bucks, the house is immaculate, your kids look like no one owns them!
    You look like a bag lady, the house is a bomb site, and your kids like they should be models for Pumpkin Patch or Tea Princess!
    We’re all trainee parents, and can only do our best. I think that you and the blog both look great! x


    • Thanks Shelby, Yes it’s hard to get the balance right most of the time, Shelby! But as long as we’re living and loving and trying our best I think we have to be happy with that! xx


  3. You look good! Didnt know BIG W was selling jeans at such a great price!

    And I love the top/cardy that you have teamed it with. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts (missed you here!) and seeing what you create with the new you.


    • Thanks Lisa! I was really impressed with Big W’s spring range. Lots of great tops there too and CHEAP! Which is a big selling point for me right now. Thanks for reading and commenting – looking forward to blogging a bit more frequently from now on. xx


  4. That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky qutsoien


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