How I survived three days as a toilet training recluse


This week I’ve been living the life of a toilet training recluse. And it almost broke me, it really did.

This is the second time we’ve attempted toilet training with Master J and at first things were much the same: hiding to do number 2s and weeing anywhere but the toilet or potty. When questioned about a need to wee the answer was a definite and terse NO!! The attitude had ramped up in the last 6 months that’s for sure, and I really had to channel a lot of ‘serenity now’ to keep a sunny ‘it’s okay’ demeanor in the face of umpteen accidents on day one and two.

Day three (yesterday) was probably the worst of all, despite the first ever wee on the toilet the night before J seemed determined not to have any of this using the toilet caper. I had a reward chart, stickers, promises of toys and cool superhero undies and he had a toddler load of stubbornness. My gadgets were no match for an unreasonable toddler on a mission. Serenity now was out the window. My grip on both sanity and reality was slipping away.

Progress was being made but in my reclusive and desperate housebound state it was hard for me to see it. He was going longer between wees and had even had two dry nights. Although I felt like a worn out failure of a parent, I knew there was no turning back now. Then a breakthrough, one pee on the potty last night, a dry night and two pees in the toilet and potty this morning. So while it’s still early days, I can finally see that we’re getting somewhere.

So in celebration of small victories, after dropping J at daycare I took myself and a sleeping Hugo for a breakfast at my favourite cafe up the road. As I watched the morning shuffle of my neighbourhood take place around me, I felt my shoulders relax and my reality didn’t feel so warped and hopeless.

Battling in the trenches of motherhood alone hemmed in by four walls is a lonely existence, especially when the going is tough, and it becomes easy to forget about the wide wonderful world just outside the door.

This morning was my reminder to embrace it every day especially on those bad days (or weeks!)

How do you reboot and recharge after a hard day or week?


3 thoughts on “How I survived three days as a toilet training recluse

  1. Glad to hear you went out and celebrated! Toilet training is not all its cracked up to be 🙂
    Would you believe our youngest took the longest to get it right! And was still wetting the bed at night until recently (he is now seven years old!)
    To escape life and our family ….to recharge and reboot….I have found that gardening works best for me!
    Oh and good coffee/cake with great friends.


    • The toilet training is definitely a challenge!! I also love a good coffee and cake and chats with friends. I always come home re-energised and the hard things don’t seem so hard. xx


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