{Grateful post} My Hugo baby at almost 5 months

As I ease myself back into blogging more regularly, it occurs to me I haven’t yet shared much about my littlest person. My Hugo baby.

He’s out of that newborn snuggliness now, a phase that passed by like a blink of the eye. He turns five months next week and already he seems in a rush to get out into the world and try everything. This evening when I went to prop him up against the cushion on the couch, he leaned himself forward and stayed there sitting up strong and tall. He’s been rolling both directions for the last month and is showing alot of interest in eating, grabbing a stray crust off his brother yesterday morning.

While being so grateful for the easy ride we’ve had with this second child of ours, it occurs to me how quickly he is growing up and how soon I’ll have two boisterous boys running through this house. So I stop and reflect on this second and last baby of mine, and what makes him so special. Continue reading

A weekend beside the sea

It’s been hectic here lately. Despite the fact that to the outside world, maternity leave is supposed to be one big holiday I feel like I’ve never been busier. With no working outside the home to punctuate my week like it used to and Mr P working the last few Saturdays, I feel like every week winds its way into the next with ‘to do’ items outstanding and a clothing pile that’s perpetually stacked to overflowing.

So it was with relief that we packed the two boys and the resultant accoutrements that come with travelling with kids into the Mazda 3 and took off on Friday afternoon for two nights at Kings Beach, Caloundra. Continue reading

I WORK OUT … and I'm not a yummy mummy

I’ve probably written this before, but man I hate the term yummy mummy. It kind of makes me gag and screw up my face. As long-term readers may have figured out, labels ending or beginning with ‘mum’ or ‘mummy’ really annoy me. From everything women with children do being mummy labelled to the whole ‘super mum’ thing, I think it’s inherently sexist but in such a way that it passes under the radar and is happily used to continue gender stereotypes.

I’ve never heard the term ‘delicious dad’ bandied around and until I do (or a lip-smackingly good equivalent) I will have nothing to do with yummy mummy. Well, now I’ve got that off my chest I can put away my feminist ranty pants and actually write the post I sat here to write.

Every Friday I load Hugo into the pram, drop Jarvis off to daycare and keep walking down to the local park to take part in a Mums and Prams fitness class. I started when Hugo was nine weeks old and the reason I did so had nothing to do with quickly dropping my baby weight or being a yummy mummy, but everything to do with why I blog here. I was saving my sanity. Continue reading

When attachment parenting doesn't work

Attachment parenting has attracted alot of interest of late and I think it’s great that this style of parenting is getting more coverage in the mainstream media. With Jarvis I accidently fell into a style of parenting that was more attachment than not.

We did alot of baby wearing, we co-slept, I breastfed until 15 months and did so on demand and his weaning was mostly baby led. I didn’t set out to follow this path, but it was the style that worked to soothe my fussy little guy and mostly worked for me too. There were times I did find the demands of the attachment style completely exhausting and by 15 months I was well and truly ready to get a bit of space back. So an attachment parenting fundamentalist I was not, although I admire those who are as they are made of more self-sacrificing stuff than I.

Ultimately I was happy with my decision to trust my gut and follow this path, as my little guy has grown into a confident and independent toddler. So for baby number two, I had planned to do things much the same.

But the thing is, Hugo has had other ideas. Continue reading

Outsourcing wish list


As I keep trying to fix up the design of my blog, which I’ve seemed to have stuffed up somehow as things seem to be moving V E R Y S L O W L Y around here, I’ve been thinking it’s time I outsourced these changes to someone who knows what they are doing. The time savings would be huge, freeing me up to actually write blog posts rather than tinkering around in my back end (not as suss as it sounds!). So the next item on my To Do list is to get some quotes and see if the cost is worth the benefit for me.

I love the idea of outsourcing those bits of your life that you don’t enjoy, that you are generally crap at or just don’t have time for. If money was no issue, I wouldn’t hesitate in outsourcing (in no particular order):

Continue reading

A new look … for my blog and for me

When you are running on the treadmill of life with a young family while jigsaw fitting the rest of your life in the gaps, it’s easy to not only feel tired but start to look tired too. Not just in a bags under the eyes kind of way (that comes with the territory) but in a ‘I look like a bag lady’ kind of way. And now, 4 months on from having my Master Hugo I decided the bag lady just had to go. She was dragging me down and affecting my self-esteem and stopping me from being where I wanted to be – a functioning member of society (keeping my goals achievable at the moment, people!). Continue reading

How I survived three days as a toilet training recluse


This week I’ve been living the life of a toilet training recluse. And it almost broke me, it really did.

This is the second time we’ve attempted toilet training with Master J and at first things were much the same: hiding to do number 2s and weeing anywhere but the toilet or potty. When questioned about a need to wee the answer was a definite and terse NO!! The attitude had ramped up in the last 6 months that’s for sure, and I really had to channel a lot of ‘serenity now’ to keep a sunny ‘it’s okay’ demeanor in the face of umpteen accidents on day one and two.

Day three (yesterday) was probably the worst of all, despite the first ever wee on the toilet the night before J seemed determined not to have any of this using the toilet caper. I had a reward chart, stickers, promises of toys and cool superhero undies and he had a toddler load of stubbornness. My gadgets were no match for an unreasonable toddler on a mission. Serenity now was out the window. My grip on both sanity and reality was slipping away. Continue reading