Wine times: a brief history and a reunion

Wine and I, we’ve been what I would call close friends for around 15 years.

It started with a bottle of Queen Adelaide dry red for a cheap buzz, meandering through the bottle of chardy shared with girlfriends stage up to the couple-y connoisseur stage, visiting wineries and name-dropping more unusual varietals such as Sangoviese and Pinot Grigio.

It was in this brief flirt with wine wankerism that I actually moonlighted as a ‘wine writer’ for a short time. Not nearly as glam as it sounds as it was for a wine business mag, I didn’t get even one bottle of free plonk and I ended up writing off the almost $400 I was owed as I was sick of chasing the money and being met with every excuse under the sun.

Went off on a bit of a tangent there … Where was I? Yes, wine and me.

Sometimes our relationship turned stormy, usually following a night of overindulgence, and we’ve had our times of separation. But the good times outweighed the bad and wine even played an important role in our wedding vows.

Unlike the early days of hanging around pubs and clubs together, my relationship with wine matured into catching up at home over a tasty meal or cheese platter.

Becoming a parent drove a bit of a wedge between us … first while pregnant and then only meeting up occasionally while breastfeeding. The thought of a hangover with a young child meant that when we did meet up, I began to favour quality over quantity. A glass of wine was a relaxing indulgence, a hit of ‘me time’ following a day of kid-wrangling.

After our most recent separation during my pregnancy, we had the chance to become reaquainted thanks to a delivery at my door step from Wine Selectors.

The box at the door contained:

  • Riposte by Tim Knappstein No 1 Pinot Noir 2010 from the Adelaide Hills
  • Briar Ridge Signature Release Karl Stockhausen Shiraz 2010 from the Hunter Valley
  • Helm Classic Dry Riesling 2011 from the Canberra District
  • Keith Tulloch 2010 Semillon from the Hunter Valley

Arriving while I was approaching the end of my pregnancy, it was a symbol of impending celebration. However, breastfeeding a newborn and the erratic schedule that involves has meant I haven’t had the chance the try out all the above drops.

I did enjoy a small glass of the Helm Dry Riesling with Chicken San Choy Bow last week – the fruity, sweet tang complemented the Asian flavours and crispy lettuce.

As the weather cools I can hear the Adelaide Hills Pinot calling to me from the cupboard and I would love nothing more to be sipping some now as I write but I have a baby on my lap who has been in a feeding frenzy which makes it hard to relax and enjoy.

However, knowing it’s there waiting for the right time for feet up couch-time under a blanket is a nice thought and reason enough to get some wine delivered for when the right time rolls around. I especially like the idea and promise of trying some new wines rather than just sticking to the old favourites.

Wine and breastfeeding a newborn may not be a convenient idea – but wine home delivery definitely is!

For more information about Wine Selectors’ Regular Deliveries, click here.

How would you describe your relationship with wine? Would you consider a regular wine delivery?

<Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post, but I did receive the wine delivery from Wine Selectors to sample.>

3 thoughts on “Wine times: a brief history and a reunion

  1. Love it!!! When I can work out how to copy and paste on this ‘i pad’ I want to share it!


  2. I used to love a good glass of red wine but lately my taste buds have changed đŸ™‚ Seen as I cant wake up with hang overs, it is so true that quality over quantity is now something that I look for!
    I now prefer white wine – especially as a treat when having dinner out.
    Love the idea of having it delivered to your front door.Nice.


  3. hi there your new doula training sudons awesome. I trained with Deborah Pascal-Bonaro long ago for both birth and postpartum. My life took a different path, and am now licensed professional counselor specializing in the emotions of pregnancy and birth, such as anxiety and depression during pregnancy due to sexual abuse, and caring for postpartum mood disorders such as depression and OCD. I am also the developer of the BirthTouch training for birth professionals. I’ve been thinking about taking another training and I’ll look around your site. Congratulations and good luck to you! Namaste, Kathy


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