Alien on planet mum

Photo from Pinterest

As I smile at another mum as we cross pram-pushing paths at the shops or catch the gaze of a fellow park-going mum with a hello on my lips before she casts her head to the ground, I’ve got to wonder … am I an alien on planet mum?

Are we so caught up in our own orbit that we can’t spare a simple smile or greeting? Continue reading

To all you Super Mums … ENOUGH!

Super Mum … it’s a phrase I’ve been on the receiving end of lately and it’s one that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. It implies a mother having it all, doing it all, taking it all in her stride and not letting children hold her back.

It also suggests a mothering hierachy where some mums are deemed ‘super’, ‘superior’ and some are not. I’ve put it with ‘yummy mummy’ at the top of my labels I want banned list.

Aren’t we all super? Isn’t guiding and loving our children enough? Continue reading

Wine times: a brief history and a reunion

Wine and I, we’ve been what I would call close friends for around 15 years.

It started with a bottle of Queen Adelaide dry red for a cheap buzz, meandering through the bottle of chardy shared with girlfriends stage up to the couple-y connoisseur stage, visiting wineries and name-dropping more unusual varietals such as Sangoviese and Pinot Grigio. Continue reading