Adventures in speech therapy #3: The breakthrough

Last Saturday was speech therapy time again. We decided to go back to fortnightly visits, after having a four week break encompassing Easter and Hugo’s arrival.

The lesson two weeks’ ago was excruciating. Our speech therapist had alot of great activities lined up for Jarvis, but it was almost too much excitement for him as he attempted to flit between the toys and games, all the while keeping his mouth firmly shut. I was cradling our one week old boy and began to feel slightly panicky as I started to wonder how we would make any more progress with our strong-willed 2 1/2 year old.

The one activity that kept his attention last week was drawing on the white board, so this past fortnight we’ve concentrated on incorporating Jarvis’s key words into drawing and colouring activities, while leaving his concentrated word time to before nap and sleep time during our usual reading time.

While still focusing on ‘core vocab’ words on the flashcards I’d made (see above), the therapist had given us sounds to work on (M and N were our sounds for the fortnight) with corresponding words on cards. We alternated between the two sounds each day in our before bedtime practice time and by the end of last week I could see an improvement.

J was consistently saying the words back to us, and his pronunciation was improving by the day. He was also using more words spontaneously to communicate with us … there were also a couple of ‘two word’ combos creeping in there, which caused much excitement and hand clapping (that was me!).

We just weren’t sure if this improvement would come across in his therapy session. But come Saturday, Jarvis nailed it! Our therapist incorporated some craft activities into the session, while hiding all the possible distractions, and he was enthralled – concentrating on gluing and constructing while the therapist incorporated flash cards for C/K and G sounds.

She was so impressed by his progress that if he continues to improve by our next session in two weeks, she may not need to see us for awhile! I was am so proud of the progress he’s made and pleased that all our hard work and persistence is paying off.

And best of all, I can finally start feeling the communication lines opening up as my boy becomes a more and more confident speaker.

I’ll let you know how the next session goes in a couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in speech therapy #3: The breakthrough

  1. Congratulations! Love reading about how well he is doing with his speech therapy 🙂 xxx


  2. I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enaitrllhng!


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