The 'Swizzle'

Despite my pinings to the universe (via this blog and twitter, predominantly!), I’ve been sitting around here in post-date pregnancy land for the past eight days.

There was some action this time last week and I thought that I’d be spared the lengthy ‘lady in waiting’ stint I endured last pregnancy, but I just ended up vomitting with a few sporadic contractions and ended up pretty badly dehydrated, unable to keep food or liquid down.

At my midwife appointment last Friday, this baby of mine had an elevated heart beat and so did I due to the dehydration. I felt if I went into labour that I wouldn’t be in any state to get through it. I was strapped to the heart rate monitor for over an hour, but as I managed to keep down more water his heart rate improved and the machine registered a few low grade contractions as well, so I felt I could go ‘any time’.

But alas it wasn’t to be. Which in hindsight was a good thing. It’s given my body time to recover and I’m now feeling much more energetic and despite feeling this baby pretty low in my pelvis I’ve been having great nights of slumber with nary a wee stop in sight, which I am so grateful for.

So today I had another midwife appointment, where I’d decided to get a ‘stretch and sweep’. I had one last pregnancy at around the same time and it was not a pleasant experience. I expected slight discomfort, but it was PAINFUL.

The procedure is basically an internal examination taken a little further with the midwife ‘sweeping and stretching’ the cervix with her fingers – which can only be done if the cervix is opened enough to allow it.

This time around it was more on the ‘slight discomfort’ scale rather than painful, which was a big relief. My midwife and I were referring to the process as ‘the swizzle’ and discussed swizzling cocktails while the procedure was underway. I’ve never thought of my cervix as an alcoholic beverage before, but it was a good diversionary tactic.

The good news is that I am already 3cm dilated and the midwife said she could stretch it to 4-5cm, so everything is primed and ready. Last time I was 1-2cm and ended up getting regular contractions a few hours later. So fingers crossed that the swizzle has some effect and this baby boy of mine will be with us very soon.

Feel free to share your ‘swizzle’ experience! Did it work for you?

4 thoughts on “The 'Swizzle'

  1. swizzle swizzle hurry up bubba.. hope you go into labour within the next 24hrs Bel.. good luck and may the labour force be with you xxx


  2. Hope the swizzle works for you! Come on bubba! Good to hear you’re feeling more energetic this week. Sending lots of positive vibes for swift, smooth delivery xx


  3. It didn’t work the first time for me. I still had to be induced. However the second time around my waters broke that night. How exciting !!!!


  4. Here is to both fingers crossed…it will work – it will work…you will be in labour before you know it 🙂
    Those stretches hurt but gee they work well!
    Hope baby is here soon xx


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