10 thoughts on “Why I don't want another post-date pregnancy

  1. Oh I so can feel everything you are going through. All five of our babies were two weeks late. Actually our third baby was close to four weeks late as our dates got mixed up and he was around Xmas time so they forgot about us!!
    With our last Baby I was determined to have him naturally without the doctors help. I visited a Naturopath who gave me lots of drops to help bring him on. She also gave me the strongest massage ever….from the tip of my toes to half way up my leg. Pressing hard around the ankle joints. That brought my labour on – I also took double the dose of the mixture that she made up for me!!
    With regards to being late – If I was ever to have another baby again (not that we will!!) I would add two weeks onto my due date so that no one would keep ringing and say to me “OH dear are you still in one piece” – I so hated that phone!
    Nothing ever worked for bringing on my babies – only the massage and mixture of natural drops.
    So have my fingers crossed that have baby asap xxxx


    • I’ve been deliberately vague with my due date this time around, usually saying ‘late March, early April’ when someone asks. ‘Yeah, but what date are you actually due?’ is the usually response . Good thing about having a blog is that people get too scared to ask you anything if they know you might get ranty about it! Facebook is the new phonecall I find… might have to log out after next Wednesday! x


  2. I can totally understand where you are coming from. My first two babes were 10 and 7 days late, and apart from a hot curry (and a S&S with #1) I didn’t really do anything to hurry them along. I was determined to be proactive with #3 and get him out a bit faster, so went to acupuncture from 37 weeks. Fast forward 4 weeks, and lots of needles later, he was still not out. Labour finally started at 7 days post dates, and he wasn’t born for another 30 hours. My second labour was only 5 1/2 hours! In hindsight I think that I was trying to push things ahead when he wasn’t ready (I was also trying to avoid induction with a VBAC, but that’s another story).

    This time around (never thought I’d say that again!) I’ll let things go. I’ll keep active but I won’t bother with any other interventions.

    Good luck, this is the exciting bit!


  3. awww B I’m feeling for you….but can you hold him in till Friday arvo so we can have our playdate catch up – selfish I know ;).

    Having just had the lil 4 week old – a week and a half early; I wish and hope that it all gets started “naturally” for you; because I know what you mean re decisions. I was booked in for an induction a week early to avoid another 11pd and I constantly questioned that decision e.g interferring with nature blah blah. With said 11pd he was 9 days over and I was induced and totally over it :). At the end of the day there’s no right or wrong when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and being a mum in general; you can only do what feels right for you.

    Fingers and toes crossed that the lil man decides to exit soon; can’t wait to meet him x


  4. Bel, I know how you are feeling too.. Jack was 2 weeks early which compeletely surprised us, so I was convinced I would go early with number 2 as well.. but alas, that was not the case.. a week overdue and well and truly over it.. over the fact people kept asking whether the baby had arrived, over myself for thinking “baby will arrive when it’s ready” and well and truly over being uncomfortable…. but after a long day of shopping in the city with mum and being on my feet all day, went into labour at 11pm that same night.. a nice and quick labour and all was done and dusted in about 4 hours from first contraction to birth.. Will be hoping that the boy will arrive sooner rather than later this time .. Sending great labour vibes your way too xxxoooo


  5. I was 7 days over with my first, and was in the category of relaxed and happy. I felt great and wasn’t over it. I did get quite a few texts and phone calls but just assured people they would know when it happened. They did have me booked for an induction at 10 days so I was relieved when things happened naturally before that. My second arrived on his due date, and I am sure that was only because of the S&S the day before. I was super comfy again and had a regular check up. Despite telling my OB that I wasnt in a hurry, he thought it was timely to do the S&S and ‘see what happens’. Labour started next morning. While I would have preferred to wait, the labour was gradual and we got to meet the little man right on time.


  6. Hey This Boy Has to arrive!!!!
    Hurry up!Cousin Sharie and Uncle Ronnie are still waiting.NO seriously hope all goes well,waiting for the ph call from MAZ xxxxxxx


  7. Number 1 was born at 40+4 and I was completely crazy by the end. My MIL learned fairly quickly that I was not okay with her calling regularly to ‘check on us’ 😉 Yes, he arrived in his own good time (in fact, our OB booked us in for an induction that day which we cancelled at the last minute and, lo and behold, he arrived anyway) but that wait is hard, especially when you’re thinking it can happen ‘anytime’ from 36 weeks.

    With Number 2, I had gestational diabetes and our OB didn’t want me to go over due date (especially given my first baby was 9pd3), so booked me in for an induction on due date. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get him to arrive of his own accord naturally, but obviously my babies are quite cosy and nothing got him moving. However, my ‘induction’ was about as natural as they get and he arrived in under 3 hours so he was obviously pretty ready.

    With Number 3 (now arrived – hooray), I went into labour naturally at 39+3 and he was born within 3hrs10 from first contraction. I was open to having another induction, given the last one had been so smooth, but it was nice to have the decision taken out of my hands. I totally get that feeling. You KNOW they have to come out, but it really does feel like you’re going to be pregnant forever. I think it’s mother nature’s way of getting us to look forward to childbirth 😉

    Thinking of you lots and look forward to hearing the news of your gorgeous boy’s arrival x


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