A mad dash to the finish line

Things have hit a frenetic pace here in the last week or so. I am now nearing the 37 1/2 weeks pregnant mark (I guess half weeks are relevant at this point) and I’m on a nesting frenzy. I never experienced this with pregnancy number one, so it’s kind of caught me off guard.

Those who know me well know that my household cleaning standards are pretty relaxed. I’m not a pig, but I don’t sweat a bench that’s not spotless, a couple of things that need to be washed up, or a few items of clothes on the bedroom floor. But now? Watch out, rogue crumb on the bench! Is that a speck of dust on the floor? Quick somebody hold me back! I suddenly have the urge to dust all the picture rails and frame tops.

And everything must be done now. At a blistering fast pace (well as blistering fast as a 37 1/2 week pregnant lady can manage). So this is how clean freaks feel everyday of the week? It’s a mix of virtuous self-congratulations and a eagle-eyed state of readiness.

By 7.30am I’d washed up, packed the dishwasher, pulled the sheets of the beds and put them in to wash, put a load of clothes on, wiped down the benches and packed my hospital bag. I’m resting now by blogging and am about to hang out said washing and then might have to take the boy and myself out to the park, just to try and relax!

Last weekend was a productive nesting time where I set up the baby’s room and Jarvis’s big boy room:

I had been feeling very on edge before this was done, but since its now mostly sorted I’ve been able to get in a positive mindset and am ready to welcome this baby boy and start the two child juggle. Maybe this nesting is a much-needed part of the process this time? Preparing me for the frenetic pace of life with my two boys.

I’ve got two days of work left next week and a couple of freelance stories to finish off,  as well as all the nesting and the chasing after the boy. So maybe then I’ll be ready to put my feet up. Or maybe, the baby will just decide to come just when I’m ready to relax!

Whatever way it goes, I’m ready!

4 thoughts on “A mad dash to the finish line

  1. Gosh how gorgeous are those bedrooms. Is the baby furniture from IKEA? I so love their amazing storage ideas and their furniture. Hubby loves going there for their meatballs, and our boys love going there to play.

    Oh I so remember the nestling bug – I had that with our last boy so bad that our house was spotless for weeks before he arrived!!!

    It usually means that your body is getting ready to have baby – it wont be long now.

    How exciting.



  2. Hey
    Uncle Ronny is excited he is awaiting the news of the new arrival.We both wish you all well.Takecare Sharie xxxxxx


  3. Im with you about the housework – I think its covered in the book ‘Dont Sweat The Small Stuff’… (and if its not – then it should be!) would much prefer to read a good bio or work on something creative.
    Today however – my eyes are still bleeding after seeing the state of the rental property
    Kate and I have taken in Sydney, while our first Addie & Me concept store is being built.
    A trip to McDonalds for a sugar fix was required before I could even begin to contemplate the task ahead. Kate started to cry!….memo to self…never – ever sign lease before the condition report and closer inspection is carried out. We tried to work out an angle to get out of the lease….rising damp in the walls – not good for asthma….spores in mildue – bad for health….colour of walls – make eyes hurt….we were trapped – there was no way out. Kate went back to Macca’s to get caramel slice. Then it dawned on me the full horror of the situation – a trip to Bunnings with my husband would be required!!…by this stage my head was spining….maybe I can go myself when I get back to Canberra – maybe he will be too tired and want to go straight home….visions of previous Bunnings expeditions – (we’ve had a domestic in every aisle except the garden section)…..flashed through my head…….approaching the Monaro Highway – he turns and utters the dreaded words ‘why dont we got to Bunnings now?’
    It actually wasnt as bad as expected we only clashed in the spack fill aisle when he looked at me and said ‘I dont have to fix the walls as well as paint – do I?….it could have got nasty over oil based vs water based – and satin vs gloss – but I managed to keep it together. Another load to Sydney tomorrow – and hopfully I will at least have Kate’s study ready for her to start work next week. Enjoy your nesting – you have done well to get so much done prior to the new arrival! x


  4. Good work on the nesting – the rooms look beautiful. I’m living vicariously through you, as the preparation for our poor third child has been somewhat neglected due to sickness, mummy’s energy levels and just trying to keep up with the daily stuff. I’m nesting in spirit 😉 Thinking of you in the countdown, and look forward to hearing news of your little one’s arrival x


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