Adventures in speech therapy #2

I thought it was time to add a bit of an update on how J is going with his speech therapy. I’ve just realised this blog of mine has been dominated by bump shots for the last few posts (better late than never, hey?), but really life has been busier than my navel gazing posts suggest.

Jarvis has now been back to the speech therapist twice since his initial consultation. We’re going every three to four weeks at this stage, which means that the bulk of the work is done here at home with the tools we’re given in our sessions.

Our speechie has armed us with a number of print outs with game ideas, exercises and information to draw out J’s words, which have been helpful as well as completely daunting. Continue reading

Immortalising the bump and slowing down

It’s almost 10am on Monday morning and I’m enjoying my first week of maternity leave. Yee-ha!

It feels weird to be sitting at my laptop at home, without the boy here, morning television droning in the background and a lovely autumn-tinged breeze coming in the back door. Nice-weird though.

I was planning on dashing down to Ikea to grab nick-nack items for the boys rooms – some fabric, another set of curtains, some frames – but I am knackered and I really don’t feel like the 45 minute drive and the wandering around. Perhaps after a nana nap? We’ll see. I’ve decided this time is for taking it easy. I am heeding the advice of that voice in my head that is telling me to ‘just slow down’. Continue reading

A mad dash to the finish line

Things have hit a frenetic pace here in the last week or so. I am now nearing the 37 1/2 weeks pregnant mark (I guess half weeks are relevant at this point) and I’m on a nesting frenzy. I never experienced this with pregnancy number one, so it’s kind of caught me off guard.

Those who know me well know that my household cleaning standards are pretty relaxed. I’m not a pig, but I don’t sweat a bench that’s not spotless, a couple of things that need to be washed up, or a few items of clothes on the bedroom floor. But now? Watch out, rogue crumb on the bench! Is that a speck of dust on the floor? Quick somebody hold me back! I suddenly have the urge to dust all the picture rails and frame tops.

And everything must be done now. At a blistering fast pace (well as blistering fast as a 37 1/2 week pregnant lady can manage). So this is how clean freaks feel everyday of the week? It’s a mix of virtuous self-congratulations and a eagle-eyed state of readiness. Continue reading