Dinner for two

Last Saturday Mr P and I headed out for a fancy dinner – just the two of us. It was a combined my birthday/valentines day/last chance before baby arrives type affair so we splurged on a six-course tasting menu at the gorgeous Figtree Restaurant at Ewingsdale, just outside of Byron Bay.

We were here in November for our lovely friends’ Kate and Larry’s nuptials and the scenery and food was divine so we thought it would be the perfect spot for a relaxed dinner for two. It also helps that Grandma and Grandpa only live a 15 minute drive away, so J was happy and spoilt back at their place.

I can’t really describe how nice it felt to sit back and enjoy the view, to enjoy our six courses in unhurried fashion and catch up with each other without the constant demands of parenting and real life bearing down on us.

We look pretty pleased with ourselves in these photos though!

Apart from relaxing and reconnecting, one of the big things that we took away from the night is that couple time is really important and we haven’t had enough of it in the last two and a half years.

It was a timely reminder that even though we’re heading back into ‘newborn territory’ which will put a stop to these little jaunts for a little while, that having two children is no excuse for giving up on having quality one-on-one time with your partner.

I haven’t always been willing to take up friends’ offers of babysitting, thinking I’m putting them out and not wanting to impose and I haven’t hired a ‘professional’ babysitter for Jarvis since he was born because it seemed ‘too hard’ and ‘too expensive’, but scheduling some ‘time out’ will become even more important when we welcome child number two.

So over this dinner we made a promise to hire a babysitter or employ the services of a willing friend once baby two is settled into some kind of routine (whenever that will be!!) and have some regular dinners for two.

How about you? Do you think it’s important to schedule ‘couple time’? How do you enjoy ‘time out’ as a couple?

8 thoughts on “Dinner for two

  1. I find that couple time is just SOOO important.. we do make a habit of it and find it so refreshing to just go out and be “us” again.. Often times I think it’s too hard and can’t be bothered but after a night out, I come home with fresh eyes and feel new and energised all over again 🙂


  2. So glad to hear you got a beautiful dinner in together before #2 arrives. Doesn’t always happen very regularly for us either, with two kids under 4, but I do think it’s really important. We TRY to go out as a twosome about once a month if possible (although, like you, our newest arrival isn’t far away so might be a bit tricky for a while!) and are very thankful for grandparents close by and a uni-aged niece who is willing to babysit. Our other babysitting option is a ‘date night swap’ with good friends, whereby we we try to babysit for each other once a month so the other couple can have a night out alone – works a treat, and keeps costs to a minimum (but DEFINITELY worth paying for a babysitter if that’s the only way to make it happen). At the end of the day, if we’re more connected as a couple, we’re going to be better parents and have a longer lasting relationship 🙂


    • The date night swap is a great idea. We have some really good friends that we have been meaning to do the swap with but we’ve never really got into the swing of getting it organised … but we’ve made a pact to just do it this year. You are so right about the importance of staying connected and the impact it has on being better parents.


  3. We hardly have couple time – yet every time we do we love it 🙂

    Its so important to stay connected, or re-connect but (like you say) we don’t think its fair to ask someone to look after our boys…all four of them!

    But mind you our Second son Zachery is now 16 and is able to look after the other boys so manybe we should have more “Us Time”. That sounds so nice – a six course meal, time to enjoy each other and know that your son is being spoilt by Grandma and Grandad close by.

    How long till number two baby is due?



    • Go for it Lisa! I think it’s so easy to put it off and forget how good it is when you make the time. Only about 4 1/2 weeks to go now until Baby two makes his entrance – so the count down is well and truly on!


  4. OMG that place looks amazing – so jealous and so happy you both took some special couple time out! I know EXACTLY how you feel – it always feels like your asking your friends to bring about world peace or something when you ask them to look after your child. BUT what we need to remember is they don’t mind at all….just like when someone asks me I’m more than happy to help out.

    Perhaps we all need to just ask for help more often because I agree couple time is so important and and I know the hubby and I counted the number of date nights on one hand last year eek.

    Let’s vow together that even though we will have new borns we will make time for our hubbys 🙂


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