On Thursday I turned 33. The day before heralded a new week of pregnancy – week 33.

Never one to be too excited by birthdays, I was surprised that I felt light and free – not 33 in either sense.

An old friend was staying with us all the way from Dublin. We worked together for a short time in Sydney and caught up briefly a year later in Dublin and London and kept in touch somewhat sporadically in the intervening years. The last time we saw each other I was just 23.

When I heard he was coming to Australia, I admit I had a few fretful moments – so much time had passed and my life now bore no resemblence to my life then. Our whole friendship had been a blur of happy hours and hungover workplace camaraderie, I wondered if we’d still share the same bond we did then. I worried he would find me boring and a pregnant party pooper.

But I needn’t have worried. In that way that true friendship bends and shifts with time, I found that the years had not changed us as much as they had smoothed off our edges. We laughed at the dramas we created in our 20s and lamented at how those dramas were self-sabotaging and seemed created to prevent our own happiness.

Now as we navigate our way through the mid-thirties, our passage seems smoother and less stormy leaving us each feeling more content with our lives. A timely birthday reminder.

My actual birthday was spent with a leisurely brunch and then a wander through South Bank to GoMA. The sun was shining and the sub-tropical humidity built up dark storm clouds in the distance. A typical Brisbane summer day.

Dinner was spent at my favourite Greek taverna with a group of my favourite people stuffing ourselves full of the most delicious and fresh food (I’m still having fetta-based flash backs). I even dragged my pregnant self around to a couple of bars for a celebratory cranberry and soda!

So far, thirty three is shaping up pretty well.

How about you? Do you relish another year ‘older and wiser’ or do you want to turn back time?

9 thoughts on “Thirty-three

  1. Congratulations on both accounts! The 30’s were great – I loved them. Wish I could age back to them!


  2. You look fantastic. Love your top. Happy Birthday x


  3. Mel you’re looking fab! I wish I had such a gorgeous top when I was preggers…please share as I’d love to give one to a friend :). PS hope it’s not Camilla, I could never afford one of hers!!!


    • It’s actually a Target number, Leanne! I bought it more than 2 years ago in the latter stages of pregnancy number one and it served me well as a post-preg cover up as well.


  4. Happy Birthday! Gosh you look so good for 33 weeks of your pregnancy!

    Love your top. That cake sure looks good….and the dinner sounds so yummy. Good to hear that your friendship lasted the test of time. I am really slack with keeping in touch with friends!

    So wished I was young again πŸ™‚



  5. Happy Happy Birthday lovely lady!! 33 is actually my lucky and favourite number so I agree it’s going to be a great year! Hold on I think I’m turning 33 this year as well – so we must both be “year of the goat” yay!!

    Your birthday sounds great and I am SO impressed you made it around to a few bars for some drinkies; good on you; wish I had the stamina πŸ™‚

    As for friendships standing the test of time; I’m a big believer in that and still cherish every one of my past and present friendships dearly; so great to see you do too πŸ™‚

    Big birthday hugs x x M


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