Blogging: why bother?

The last week has been action-packed, but restorative. I enjoyed a child-free day on Monday that saw our tax finally completed for 2011 which I celebrated by taking myself off for a solo movie date to see the Descendants (loved!).

It was around that time that the raining began, and it’s been raining without much break since. Following the floods last summer, so much rain seemed even more disconcerting than usual. Summer rain, relentless and humidity-inducing. Yet, for me whether by coincidence or reason the rain brought with it more clarity, washing away some fears that have been plaguing me and I could see my path, lit and clear in front of me.

I laughed and ate delicious food with friends on a week night and came home to my boy waking to the sound of my voice, wanting a hug and for me to sit by him while he drifted back to sleep.

I listened to the Hottest 100, while enjoying a BBQ with family and made mental lists of the songs that weren’t on my iPod and should be.

I had a midwife appointment and heard my little boy’s heartbeat, while my big boy looked on and I felt excited and in awe about welcoming him in around nine weeks.

We took J to the GP to get a referral to a speech pathologist and it didn’t feel scary or anxiety inducing.

My mum and I went to see Mary Poppins and it was magical – reminding me of the importance of living your life with joy and purpose.

I finally set my Mum up with a blog as she’s been pestering me to do this for ages (you can read her first post here). I was avoiding it – worried about what she would write and what affect it would have on me (ego, anyone?).

In setting up her blog, I’ve realised how much I’ve learned since setting mine up almost two years ago. She wants to be ‘big’ and ‘get lots of comments’ and wondered how she should achieve this. I shrugged and said ‘it’s time consuming and there’s no guarantees. You really have to be writing for yourself.’

She didn’t seem happy with that. ‘Why bother if noone is going to read it?’, she asked.

I’ve asked myself the same thing in many different ways, at many different times at countless forks in the road.

I’ve agonised over stats, tried to prod myself into interacting with the twitterverse more often (while feeling ignored most of the time) and in doing so compared my worth to people I don’t know and who I probably have nothing in common with.

I haven’t asked the ‘why bother’ question as much lately and in doing so have found myself connecting with my own worth and purpose.

I bother because I enjoy it. I bother because I feel I have something to say. I bother because I need to write to release my internal chatter and pressure valve. I bother because I want to hear from others that are experiencing the same thoughts and feelings I am. I bother because to not bother would be the worst thing of all.

Here’s to bothering and all the potential it brings!

How do you inspire yourself to keep bothering (with blogging, or whatever else floats your boat)?

11 thoughts on “Blogging: why bother?

  1. Yes, here’s to bothering πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you enjoy it. I do too (when I finally stopped obsessing with stats).


  2. Okay – how do I say this… Ummm… have you been reading my mind? I just don’t know how you have stolen my thoughts and articulated them so very well…!

    I go through phases of hating the “Twitterverse” {never heard that one before} and feeling ignored and frustrated, and other times I just hate that I feel I have to photograph everything I do incase I could use it for a blog post…

    I totally totally agree with your paragraph about why you bother. It is EXACTLY the same for me. I need to write, therefore I blog…

    Glad you are bothering. I have been following you on Twitter, but haven’t clicked through to your blog – tonight’s tag was a good one! This is a nice place, I will sure to come back.

    I live in a mountain town affected by flooding last year – with a Tsunami – we are all a bit freaked by the rain – let’s not see a repeat of Jan 11!

    Love your work,


  3. Oh, now, you must be AMAZING – my name is Belinda also…. Hahahaha!


  4. love that you bother blogging as I look forward to each and every one of your blogs xx


  5. I still dont get twitter!! And I blog because I love it…its almost like my online diary. But I don’t get how some people have so many readers/followers and then other blogs seem to have little? I don’t get how to have more stats, nor more comments! I just keep going because I love to share what we are doing. But some days it would be easier to walk away from it all….then again I love to write!
    Blogging sometimes is fantastic and other times not so good. I like the supportive side of blogging but not the harsh side of it at all πŸ™‚
    Good Blog post!


  6. I enjoy your blogs and read every one of them. I agree with Lisa, the supportive side would be so positive and rewarding. It would be difficult exposing yourself to the haters and negative people. I think it has been a fantastic way for you to confront your fears and help other Mothers with similar worries. I loved your Mothers blog about the tennis. I think people love reading but don’t always want to comment so you don’t always know the impact they have, for example your friends 12 WBT blog inspired my Sister and I to get fit and healthy. AS long as you enjoy it keep blogging.


  7. Thanks so much B for bothering – I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and relate to every single one of them. I have had so many “can I be bothered” moments with my own business that I’ve lost count but your right we do it coz we can and coz we choose to do it.

    As for motivation I’m not really sure – today was a scarce and thankfully infrequent “flat” day for me so rather than fighting it I just gave myself the day off and hung out with our own blogger Miss CupOTea πŸ™‚ I hope she’s reading this coz she is an awesome blogger and I hope she can continue to be bothered hah…

    See you friday x


  8. I’m glad you bother, love reading your blog!


  9. Well, I am the new blogging Mum who has been pestering my daughter, on every visit, to get me started. I am so excited that I have written two blogs and even though I haven’t received alot of feedback, I have received some and that’s a start.
    I have found it a great stress relief as now my mind is forever thinking about new topics to write about and I am feeling alot more relaxed about life and that has to be good for my health.


  10. Hi Bel…I agree with Mel’s comment above… Lots of people read but may not comment…so fear not, you are out there helping people through your love of blogging. Don’t give up. I see you are a Brisbane Kids liker… Maybe comment on the posts there & increase your exposure??? I’m not an avid net browser so I find things I like to read via other people and would have never ‘found’ you, if not for Katie.


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