Resolution 2012 #1: Sunday night facials


Happy new year! Well it’s almost two weeks in already, but better late than never hey? Tardiness has become somewhat of a lifestyle here at Save Mum’s Sanity lately.

I’m blaming pregnancy and holiday mode mentality primarily, but with the onset of a new year comes a new resolve. Yes, you guessed it – resolution time.

In recent years I haven’t really done the resolution thing, preferring a casual review and reflect type thing: a few mental notes here, a scrawling in a notebook there.

But last year particularly I felt I’d lost my way somehow and this year I’ve decided to be more proactive in steering my life’s ship in the right direction.

So this will be my first in a series of new year resolution posts this month. Outlining a few of my big and small resolutions that all aim to get me back on track.

Resolution #1 is partaking in a new ritual of the Sunday night facial. This is a chance to take time out, relax and pamper myself in preparation for the week ahead.

Last night was my first facial of the year. I cleansed, I exfoliated and then retreated to my bedroom with a face masque applied and book in hand and I did what every nutty blogger would do and captured my attractive look with an Instagram pic.

It was blissful! This simple act helped me prepare for my return to work today and my skin feels so soft and smooth. This is just one of the small ways I intend on nurturing myself this year and I’m excited to share a few more in the next couple of weeks.

How do you aim to take care of yourself in 2012?

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