A night in … out + Crust giveaway!

A night off from cooking has always been an exciting treat around these parts. Friday night always seemed the most appropriate night, a week of work was done and the weekend stretched out in front of us glimmering of freedom and opportunity.

Since becoming parents, the occasional take away night has become something even more. With going out for dinner a very rare treat these days, takeaway nights have taken on a more important role. A time to kick back as a family, enjoy each other’s company and after tucking J into bed we’ll enjoy a movie or favourite television series on DVD. It doesn’t seem like much, but its a sufficient shift in routine to recharge the batteries.

So, when I was offered a ‘Family Night In’ pack a couple of weeks ago from Crust Pizza, to celebrate the launch of their kids meal range, I didn’t need to think very hard. The offered pizza voucher, DVD and pack of uno cards sounded just like a good night in for us. And I’ve never been one to turn down pizza!

The pack turned up on my doorstep in a Crust pizza box, and on reviewing the voucher I thought there might be a bit too much food for our little family of three,  so I decided to tee up our ‘night in’ over at a good friend’s house so we could all catch up, not worry about cooking and the three boys could all have a great time playing and sharing their pizzas.

Even better than a night in as a family is a night in with another family! With everyone stretched this time of year for time and energy, catching up around a pizza sounded like a great idea.

The kids splashed in the blowup pool and then as early dinner time beckoned we started to review the Crust menu.

The menu was extensive and everything sounded delicious. We opted for the Moroccan Lamb and Sausage Duo ‘Upper Crust’ Pizzas and the Ham & Pineapple and Chicken & Pineapple pizzas for the kids. Each ‘Kids Meal’ pizza is accompanied by a ‘Whole Kids’ Organic Apple Juice. We also ordered Rocket Leaf & Parmesan salad and for dessert sampled the Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse.

The men-folk went down the road to collect the pizza and were soon back with the boxes of yumminess.boxes of yumminess

The kids were soon very excited to be tucking into their own pizzas and the juice was a big hit too.

Boys tucking in

Pizza devouring

Our pizzas looked delectable.

Crust Sausage Duo

Crust Moroccan Lamb

And the salad made me feel like I was actually being pretty healthy!

Attempt at healthiness

A great night really was had by all.

And even better is that I’m offering you lovely readers a chance to have a great night in as well. Courtesy of Crust Pizza, you’ll receive the same family night in pack that we all enjoyed.

Crust Family Night In box

The pack features a Family Night In voucher from Crust entitling you to 2 x Crust Kids Meals, 2 x Upper Crust Pizzas, salad, 1.25L drink and 4 x desserts of your choice. For after your meal there is a DVD and a pack of Uno cards to enjoy. Pack is valued at around $120. To find your nearest Crust store, click here.

For a chance to win, just follow me on facebook (if you’re not already) and tell me in the comments below about your ultimate night in in 25 words or less.

Most creative answer will be judged the winner. Competition closes 5pm, Sunday December 18, 2011. Winner will be notified via email. Competition open to Australian residents only.


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15 thoughts on “A night in … out + Crust giveaway!

  1. Gotta Love a little Pizza or Pasta
    With the family it’s got to be faster
    The mess they make,
    Gives me a break,
    To enjoy some conversation I hope
    Never a chance, but I will cope.
    Fun family night had by all
    We will be back for more to have a ball!

    Have like you on FB


  2. My ideal night in
    Is curled up with my kittens
    Crafting and sewing
    And maybe knitting some mittens!


  3. A night with no cooking?
    Or cleaning or sooking?
    Sounds like heaven
    in a box!
    I’ll bring my husband 🙂


  4. I wasn’t going to enter because i’ve not heard of Crust before. But then I thought, i’ll just check the website store locater. No store near me, but of the 3 stores in WA, one is right by my best friend.

    So my ultimate night in, is a Pj party with my children, best friend and her children, kids playing and us watching a chick flick 🙂


  5. No cooking, no dishes, no blackmailing kids to eat – all of that equals crust and seems like a pretty sweet kind of night for me. I can’t think of anything better than a feet up family games night.


  6. My ultimate night in is arriving home Friday night to completely chill out after working all week. Starting with Take away, PJ’s then snuggling up to my family watching movies and eating popcorn. Once the children are asleep I love to have a glass of wine and good conversation with my Husband.


  7. Those pizzas look so delish Bel!! pity we don’t have a Crust nearby – not jealous much 🙂


  8. Sparky, the kids and me, watching a movie and eating yummy food, the ultimate is my eldest actually eating!!


  9. Oh Me Oh My! A night not cooking is heaven on earth. Five hungry boys, and tired parents, a night in is where it begins!


  10. Any night in at home where i don’t have to left a finger is blissful. It’s also about as rare as unicorn teeth :O)


  11. For a fun night in,
    a floor picnic is a must.
    Spending time with hubby, kids, a good movie,
    and yummy pizza from Crust!


  12. My ideal night is on the couch with pizza, wine, family, DVDs and laughs. amazing, perfect and relaxing!


  13. My ultimate night in starts when everyone else goes out! I’d read a book then early to bed for uninterrupted, sweet, sweet sleep. I’m dreaming.


  14. Eating dinner not cooked by me
    Hubby doing the dishes
    Kids cleaning up their own messes
    Me getting the remote control
    My ultimate night in


  15. Hey Dave and Sarah! First of all I used to be a big fan of the deep dish because I usulaly need a lot of food to fill me up. ha! but after giving a thinner crust a chance I realized that I could taste the flavors and freshness much more. Secondly- I love this blog! You guys are so *awesome*! I have been thumbing through your blog this morning and I am really impressed with your change in eating as a lifestyle. Your kiddos are super blessed to have you as parents and also wanna hang out sometime? I am totally making your chickpea pasta soon.


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