A night in … out + Crust giveaway!

A night off from cooking has always been an exciting treat around these parts. Friday night always seemed the most appropriate night, a week of work was done and the weekend stretched out in front of us glimmering of freedom and opportunity.

Since becoming parents, the occasional take away night has become something even more. With going out for dinner a very rare treat these days, takeaway nights have taken on a more important role. A time to kick back as a family, enjoy each other’s company and after tucking J into bed we’ll enjoy a movie or favourite television series on DVD. It doesn’t seem like much, but its a sufficient shift in routine to recharge the batteries. Continue reading

Finding the fun

When we moved into our home almost a year ago, among the bits and bobs left to us by the previous owners, among the paint can of exterior colour, spare keys to the french doors and excess smoke alarms, was a pack of unopened pregnancy oracle cards.

I often mused about why they were left to me – unused gift or a need sensed? I guess I’ll never know, but last week I remembered the gift and busted them out and they have so far provided a comfort to me as I connect with this little baby growing inside me.

With the boy asleep, I settled in for a three card reading and drew the cards above. They made sense to me on a variety of levels.

This year has been a testing time emotionally for me – for reasons I don’t quite understand or can explain easily. I’ve just felt off kilter, separated from my essense, sick in spirit. I’ve been hiding somewhere in the day to day necessities, cutting myself off from those special to me outside my immediate home zone.

So this one little line hit home and made me take a good look at how I’ve been doing things:

“Everything can be fun. See the light and joy in everything you do today.”

My light had felt extinguished and joy was something far too fleeting these days.

So, since the reading I’ve been embarking on a change. Instead of only tackling the essential day-to-day tasks, I stop and think how I can inject some fun into them. A shopping trip is accompanied by a milk shake with the boy. Hanging out the washing incorporates a peg game with my little helper and when watering the garden I leave time to let him splash around in his blow-up pool.

I’m trying to slow down, live in the moment instead of escaping it and use my time more effectively so there is some time for me to ‘just be’.

How about you? How do you inject joyfulness and fun into your day-to-day life?