About a boy, age 2

My boy turned two last Friday. Watching him tear into his day with the same wild abandon he used to rip open his presents at 6am in the morning brought such a joy to my heart.

Alot of posts here about my boy have been filled with worry about what the future holds, this appointment or that appointment or why he was late at meeting his milestones.

So caught up in my worry, I haven’t always expressed what amazes me about my boy. And he amazes me everyday – the way he interacts with the world and the people in it tells me this boy will be okay. More than okay.

So, here it is – About a boy age 2

My boy, he gives the biggest and best hugs. He is open and loving, and not just to us but his extended family and friends. He also loves nothing more than enveloping the cat with a big hug and leaving a sloppy kiss on his fur.

My boy, he loves to laugh. He chuckles and giggles often and now as he grows he loves to make us laugh too.

My boy, he loves to put on a show. He never misses a chance to do a dance, play music or strut around with his hands on his hips. Sometimes his love of the dramatic turns to tantrums and waterworks, usually when he doesn’t get his own way or he is rounded up away from some play equipment that he’s not quite mastered yet.

My boy, he is determined and fearless. He will never shy away from trying new things, he keeps trying until he masters something – even if it takes awhile and a few of the aforementioned tantrums.

My boy, he loves people and seems to bring out the best in others. He is gentle and kind and always has a wave for a shop keeper or a blown kiss to a stranger.

My boy, he makes my heart sing. For all of these reasons and many more I just can’t articulate. For all the reasons I have sometimes felt completely inept as his mother. He is joyfulness personified.

My boy, age 2.

3 thoughts on “About a boy, age 2

  1. Love it! We do often forget to be outwardly thankful and excited about how special our children are. You often think it but forget to say it out loud! Happy Birthday to your little man. xxoo


  2. Ooooohhhhh!!! I LOVE this boy! And I love his Mummy!!

    Now Little J, gimme some of that cake!!!



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