Vlog numero uno: a public announcement

So, this is my first ever vlog. Decided that this news was worthy of getting on the vlogging bandwagon and revealing my speaking self to the Internets.

Will it happen again? Possibly not … especially if I can’t rectify whatever webcam issue makes it seem like I’m sitting among a bad 80s disco strobe. Apologies for that annoying ‘special effect’ but god dammit I couldn’t attempt to record this again!


10 thoughts on “Vlog numero uno: a public announcement

  1. you are so funny Bell.. love it!! well done, mwah xxxx


  2. ps – you should do more of the Vlogs lovely.. You speak so well.. x


  3. Big congrats on pending arrival of bubba no.2. Such an exciting rollercoaster of a time I found – lurched between extreme excitement (about the whole arrival and this time knowing what’s going on) and total fear (fear for me was that I was going to displace Hayden and that he’d feel rejected, which was a real challenge to deal with when Harvey arrived… also how could I possibly love no2 as much as no1..? The answer to that I have found is that a mum’s heart produces infinite amounts of love. So I was worrying about nothing.). But without doubt my second went much faster than my first – probably because having a toddler and working and getting to appts etc, makes a preggo Mummy a pretty busy lady! I imagine you’re on your own rollercoaster of emotions, and I hope there are many more ups than downs. And enjoy your family of 3 as much as you can before it becomes 4! xoxox (ps – well done on your vlog!)


    • Thanks Heather! I am with you on the rollercoaster of emotions. ‘A mum’s heart produces infinite amounts of love’ – I love that and will remind myself of this often! xx


  4. Nice one Bel, Hamish loved it as he could see you on the computer and wanted to know what you are doing. Keep it up. xxx


  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yay for Baby Number 2!!
    Now, as for vlogging – I like the 80s strobe – it reminded me of my clubbing days, but in a family atmosphere and I’m all about the family atmosphere these days.
    Also, rather than a photo, I’d like you to VLOG the gut grab – WITH a sequinned jacket. I will accept no other form of gut grabbing until I see this video.
    P.S. It was lovely to see your face!


    • He he – well, how can I refuse such a request?! *begins frantic search for maternity sequinned jacket while polishing up on Beyonce-style dance moves* Be afraid!


  6. Congrats guys another one to add to the Family Brood.Love it…Takecare xxxxx


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