The Mackie returns … my besty's Michelle Bridges 12WBT journey

I mentioned a little while back that my besty Kate had embarked upon a weightloss journey on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation program and started a blog to chart her progress (to catch up, click here).

Well, the 12 weeks wrapped up a couple of weeks back and I was so proud to be one of Kate’s guests at the presentation party here in Brisbane, where a whole heap of 12WBT-ers from around of Australia converged to let their hair down following a massive workout led by Michelle that morning.

Kate had by the end of the program lost 22.4kg and almost 55cm from around her body. I was so proud and in awe of her achievement and on the night of the party she looked incredible and so, so happy.

We all thought she might be in the running for one of the big prizes, but we were all trying not to get our hopes up. But as Michelle took to the stage and the presentation began, the third prize was awarded and then Kate’s stats started to be read out. She got 2nd place!! Cue much squealing and excitement (and that was just me!). Here she is with Michelle herself and her statuette!

Her journey really is an inspiring one, and she’s now signed up for the next round to lose another 15-20 kg. The change in Kate is not just a physical one, I am so proud to watch her emerge stronger, more confident and more in touch with herself and her own happiness than ever before. She is now counting down the next few months to her wedding to lovely Leonie in November, complete with kick-arse dress that was a faraway dream before she started the program.

Welcome back Mackie!

It’s much better hearing about her journey in her own words, complete with vlog and before and after photos – check it out here.

One thought on “The Mackie returns … my besty's Michelle Bridges 12WBT journey

  1. What an inspiring story and journey. Well done to Kate.


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