Five years

Yesterday was our five year wedding anniversary.

It has disappeared in a blink, but looking at our wedding photos it seems so long ago.

Alot can change in five years, and lots of things have.

The obstacles that have been thrown our way have made us stronger and I’m grateful to say that standing here, five years along that bridge from there, that we’re still holding hands on our journey together. Still heading in the same direction.

And really, as well as an immense love, that is all you can hope for in a marriage … that your paths head toward the same horizon.

What I don’t always hope for are lavish gifts, because really we don’t have the money for it, and I’m happy just to celebrate the day with a nice meal and some reflection. But when I woke up yesterday, still cranky at being awake before 5.30am once again, Mr P presented me with a box that looked something like this:iPadCue much screaming, hugging and OMGing. I was like a pyjama-clad contestent on the Price is Right.

After some cursory charging, I spent the day downloading a shit-load of apps and tweeting to nobody about how cool my new iPad was, certain I was sounding like the techno-hick that I am.

And then there was a knock at the door, and this arrived:

anniversary flowersThe Cymbidium orchids were the feature of bridal bouquets, so I was super stoked and floated through the day on a cloud of happy.

The day finished up with a lovely dinner out, just the two of us, and then after farewelling our friends Kate and Lar who looked after Jarvis for us, we tucked up under a doona with the gift iPad playing ‘Words with Friends’ until we were too tired to think straight. The perfect day.

Happy five years, Mr P!

4 thoughts on “Five years

  1. Sounds like you were spoilt nicely! x


  2. I love that wedding pic of you guys, and remember your wedding day like it was yesterday! So glad you had a lovely day.. Ads really is a keeper 🙂


  3. a perfect day.

    I don’t think MPS even remembers that there WERE flowers at our wedding, let alone what they are!


  4. What beautiful story! Congrats on five years! xxoo


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