Confessions from a breakfast weirdo

When I was invited to attend the Kellogg’s Bloggers Brunch here in Brisbane last Wednesday, the thought initially crossed my mind that the event could be an intervention.

You see, breakfast and I have had a stormy past and breakfast cereals and I an even stormier one. Maybe these folks from Kelloggs were onto me and invited me as a way to change my ways? Maybe all the other bloggers in attendance will be breakfast weirdos too? At least we could form a support group, I decided.

According to Mr P, I am a breakfast weirdo. Being a stoic weetbix, hot water and milk kind of guy for years and years on end, my penchant for mixing up my breakfast cuisine continually baffles him.

Often I wake up and the thought of a simple toast and condiment or a cereal and milk just holds no appeal, but I do admit some of my choices over the years have been fairly ‘interesting’. Here are a few of my most memorable breakfast choices, in no particular order:

  • Leftover lasagne on toast (because you just can never get enough carbs in the morning)
  • Cold pizza (five food groups in every slice)
  • Fish finger sandwiches with tomato sauce (hangover from uni days, eaten without a hangover)
  • Tim tams (tell me I’m not alone!)
  • Tuna mornay pasta on toast (again with the double carbs)
  • Thai takeaway left overs (variety is the spice of life)

Yes, sure these breakfasts are probably not the best way to start the day and now that I’m a parent trying to set a good example and all that jazz, these breakfasts are not the behaviour I should be modelling for my child. So, time to turn over a new leaf.

Earlier in the year when I decided it was well and truly time to shift the last few kilograms of baby weight, I had to get myself back to breakfast basics and rediscovered Special K. And for months, I enjoyed the tasty preditibility of it. But recently, baby weight gone, my mind had started to stray. The morning of the bloggers brunch I was eating Crispetts (Aldi brand Cruskits) with butter and vegemite. I was ready for my intervention.

But when I got to the Brunch, there was no intervention to be had. Just a bunch of other Brisbane bloggers (all seemily normal and without weird breakfast tendencies), the lovely Louisa from Brand Meets Blog who coordinated the event and a few open and friendly Kelloggs staffers who were happy to hear our thoughts on breakfast at our place.

We even got served a hot breakfast (my Haloumi, crumbed mushroom and pouched eggs was amazing!), sipped on coffee and talked breakfast in an open and honest way. I even let slip that I had breakfast weirdo tendencies (though I didn’t use that phrase, and definitely didn’t mention any of the brekky cuisine choices listed above!). I think I may have mentioned my tendency towards ‘breakfast boredom’ (sounds much better!).

At the end of the brunch, we got goodie bags complete with a personalised box of cornflakes! Which I was VERY excited about – as you can see from this hastily taken webcam photo.

save mum's sanity cornflake box

So, though I am far from a reformed breakfast weirdo, the cereals in my goody bag have currently got me on the breakfast straight and narrow. The newly released Special K Fruit and Nut Medley is my current favourite.

How about you? Tell me about your breakfast tendencies, weird or otherwise!

8 thoughts on “Confessions from a breakfast weirdo

  1. Morning! From one ‘breakfast weirdo’ to another – you are not alone! I admit I ticked every breakfast item on your ‘strange’ list (tim tams included!), and I also constantly tend to scare my partner with my tendancy to choose leftovers on toast as my breakfast of choice! Although with lil bambino on the way, I am also trying also to curb my breakfast ways – although my current tendancy to enjoy my ‘snooze’ button a lil bit more than usual, has meant that I am now the master of ‘breakfast on the go’ – never leaving home without my trusty promo travel mug filled with cereal of choice (which can range from coco pops to muesli) and a couple of hastily spread pieces of toast wrapped in paper towels, sitting precarisouly on my lap at the lights…my drive to work has never been more productive! On a good day I even manage the ‘quick make-up check’ to make sure I have wiped any stray crumbs and vegemite from my chops! (although this is only on a good day, and I do have to point out the hazard of turning up to work with lovely food stains strategically hidden under my cardie) … But, I wonder if anyone else thinks cereal tastes better in a mug? Good luck with your breakfast adventures! X


  2. I may be guilty of having some of the things on your list for breakfast. I’m bummed we didn’t get to chat more. We must do it again.


  3. I rarely feel like breakfast. I’ll start with a coffee usually, or sometimes tea. Then I usually feed the kids, get them to school and have something a little later. In summer it’s easier to eat cereal, as I don’t like oats or porridge. And I have been known to have left-over lasagne for breakfast. We had a French au pair for a while who was skinny as, and would always have coffee and chocolate – mud cake, brownies, biscuits, actually chocolate bars. So that made me feel like anything was okay really as long as it’s in moderation.


  4. I have definitely had some of those items on your list. My breakfasts tend to be whatever I see when I open the fridge 🙂 Unless I’m on a health kick – Then it’s Just Right xx


  5. HA! Love it! I’m only just getting around to writing my post. Going to link to this one. xx


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