Weekend retreating

Last Friday, two close friends and I set off on a road trip. It was just like old times, except instead of a weekend’s worth of booze we each loaded the car with modestly packed bags containing leisure wear. We were off on a two-night yoga retreat.

The weather was drizzly and the forecast was promising more of the same for the weekend, so thoughts turned to red wine but we maturely resisted the urge.

We drove ahead of the weekend rush, escaping north and then slightly west into the green of the Glasshouse Mountains. Getting out of the car in the cool afternoon air with the mountains looming large in front of us, I felt my shoulders relax. Time for me. To restore. To get a guaranteed uninterrupted sleep.

I have practised yoga on and off for more than five years, and it played a big part in my pregnancy with J taking me through my first trimester all the way through to 40 weeks. I used Yoga techniques to get through my long labour and then when J was three months we started Mummy & Me yoga. This was somewhat less successful as there was often more holding/comforting/breastfeeding going on than actual yoga. At least I remembered to breathe I guess.

Since then I haven’t had much time for yoga, but its always something I know I’ll go back to, not just for exercise but as a way to relax and make sense of the world.

I enjoyed two days of just ‘being’, doing yoga, eating yummy homecooked vegetarian food, having uninterrupted adult conversation, reading as the rain beat down outside and sleeping blissfully.

By Sunday I felt full of life, nourished, motivated and more sure of my path in life. I couldn’t wait to get home to my boys and my ordinary life. Sometimes it just takes a little time out to remind you that the ordinary things really are extraordinary.

What is your ideal weekend retreat?

4 thoughts on “Weekend retreating

  1. Glad you had a great time Bel..Nice to get away and refresh, recharge and realise what is most important in your life.. You know what, after all these years of searching for “nirvana” I have realised the simple life is the best life, and am finally in a happy place living my simple life with my nearest and dearest.. x


  2. Love this post. I long for a yoga retreat myself and have it in sight for sometime during the next 6 months. The ordinary really is extraordinary. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Well done on taking some time out for yourself! Sometimes I feel like it’s such an effort just to relax my shoulders! Beautiful spot as well!


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