A week of firsts

Sometimes I wish writing was as easy as transferring your thoughts straight from your brain onto a computer via some sort of bluetooth device.

What I want to say sounds so good when I rehearse it in my mind, and then when I sit in front of the computer some days it’s hard to get anything resembling those thoughts out and onto the screen. And I do this for a living. Go figure. You’d think it gets easier with time, but sometimes it really doesn’t.

Hence, the more than a week between posts.

It’s been a big week, a great week – a real week of firsts … so forgive me as I attempt to summarise!

Last Friday J and I travelled down to the Gold Coast for our first IRL meet up with another little boy with facial palsy and his mum.

It felt like a stroke of fate when Lisa got in touch with me through the blog and one of the facial palsy facebook groups I’m a part of and said she’d be visiting the Gold Coast from Queenstown, New Zealand for a few weeks. It turned out that the boy’s were born a day apart and had palsy on the opposite side to the other.

We all had such a lovely morning, the boys played in the big park by the beach (apart from when J got hassled by some older kids – a topic for another post, perhaps?) and Lisa and I got the chance to chat to another person who has been through a similar introduction to motherhood.

We resolved to meet up again and it makes me happy to know that J will grow up knowing another person his age with facial palsy, which will hopefully help him in the years to come.

Another first was picking up J’s ‘school photos’ from day care. They were taken a couple of months ago and I’d forgotten all about them until I saw his little face looking out at me from our pigeon hole. He looks adorable, sitting front and centre of his little group with a smile on his face and I felt full of pride for the little guy.

There was that nagging thought that school photos may not be a happy event for J when he gets older and becomes more conscious of his smile – but I pushed that thought way back into the dark recesses of my mind and kept staring at his photos marvelling at how much my baby boy is growing up.

first school photo



4 thoughts on “A week of firsts

  1. Wow! He’s grown up so much! And more adorable than I remember.


  2. His smile is special and he is a handsome little man!!!


  3. How wonderful to make that contact with other families dealing with similar issues to yours, I hope you get a lot out of it. Love the daycare photo, your little man is gorgeous.


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