Fave pizza toppings … share & win!

Homemade pizzas have been a ‘go to’ meal in our household for many years. Perfect for easy Friday nights at home and sharing with friends, there’s usually enough to take to work the next day to enjoy cold (surely there’s some more cold pizza lovers out there?)

So when I was approached to try out Bakers Delight‘s new pizza bases, I jumped at the chance.

What I love about making pizzas at home is that anything goes. You’re not locked into the conventions of traditional pizza toppings, you can try new combos that your local pizza joint would probably laugh at and, which is often the case in our home, you can experiment with the existing contents of your pantry/fridge.

Which is exactly what we did when we gave the Baker’s Delight pizza bases a go. Mr P is the main pizza maker of the household, so I prepped some ingredients for him and he set to work.

He has trully mastered the art of the ‘less is more’ approach. Whereas I am still guilty of wacking a few too many ingredients on, leaving me with pizzas on the soggy side, Mr P goes for less ingredients and the pizzas are always more flavoursome and crisp.

The pizza bases are quite thick, but can be rolled thinner for those who like a thin and crispy style.

So, with four fresh pizza bases to experiment with, and limited ingredients, he opted for:

Roasted pumpkin with fetta & spinach

pumpkin pizza

Margherita with fetta, red onion & basil

margharita pizza

BBQ chicken with ham; Potato, Fetta & Rosemary (background)

BBQ Chicken pizza

All the pizzas tasted awesome and with plenty left over I can also vouch that they pass the cold pizza test too!

To celebrate the release of its new range of pizza bases, Bakers Delight have given me 5 x $5 vouchers to give away to some lucky readers.

So to have a chance to win, share your favourite pizza toppings and/or pizza making tips in the comments below. In the spirit of a Masterchef invention test, most interesting and tasty comments will take home the loot!

Entries will be drawn next Sunday July 10th. Chop, Chop!

5 thoughts on “Fave pizza toppings … share & win!

  1. Wow, didn’t know Ads had it in him.. they look bloody fantastic! I like the less is more approach too…. I like plain old margherita or just garlic prawn and a few herbs.. One tip I learnt was that after spreading on the tomato paste onto the base, sprinkle a bit of cheese over the whole base to help the fillings stick better.. works a treat!


  2. These all look awesome. If I’m in a baking mood I’ll make a few pizza bases and store them in the freezer for an easy mid-week meal. I’m definitely stealing the Margherita with feta, and roast pumpkin ideas 🙂

    My favourite topping involved semi-dried tomato tapenade (rather than a tomato sauce base) with smoked ham, then once baked, topped with baby spinach and parmesan shavings. Very simple but tasty.


  3. YUM They look awesome and so hungry now LOL…
    I like any topping sun dried tomatoes ,feta ,roast anything 🙂 Just chuck all the left overs and bobs your uncle Kieth right!


  4. I like a receipe from one of the free philly cheese recipe books – prosciutto, olives, tomato (I use semi-dried but think recipe says cherry), chunks of philly cheese and fresh basil…..yummmm!


  5. We’ve discovered that the roast capsicum pesto instead of pizza sauce on the base is really tasty. Top with some olives and feta cheese and a little pepperoni plus a sprinkle of mozzarella for the perfect pizza 😀


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