Surviving cold season + Blackmores giveaway!

I was starting to feel smug that cold season was in full swing and J had not had so much as a sniffle. The minute the thought crossed my mind I knew I was in big trouble! Illness of some kind would not be far off.

The universe seems to have a tricky way to ensure I never get too smug about any aspect of parenting. And in this case, a constantly running nose and a loud barking cough was dispatched J’s way post haste. Continue reading

Weekend retreating

Last Friday, two close friends and I set off on a road trip. It was just like old times, except instead of a weekend’s worth of booze we each loaded the car with modestly packed bags containing leisure wear. We were off on a two-night yoga retreat.

The weather was drizzly and the forecast was promising more of the same for the weekend, so thoughts turned to red wine but we maturely resisted the urge.

We drove ahead of the weekend rush, escaping north and then slightly west into the green of the Glasshouse Mountains. Getting out of the car in the cool afternoon air with the mountains looming large in front of us, I felt my shoulders relax. Time for me. To restore. To get a guaranteed uninterrupted sleep. Continue reading

Don't push me

… cause I’m close to the edge.

Ah, Grandmaster Flash! I’ve always been a big fan of this song and I really didn’t think I could love it any more until it was used in a car ad around the time I was coming to grips with the sleep-deprived haze of new motherhood.

It was played constantly and it always got stuck in my head, becoming a daily anthem of sorts.

“It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.”

And now, more than a year later I’ve noticed that the ad is back on the TV. While it still makes me giggle, it reminds me how quickly those jungle days, the newborn haze that seemed to stretch for eternity, end and you start thinking about doing it all again.

“I’m trying not to lose my head.”

A week of firsts

Sometimes I wish writing was as easy as transferring your thoughts straight from your brain onto a computer via some sort of bluetooth device.

What I want to say sounds so good when I rehearse it in my mind, and then when I sit in front of the computer some days it’s hard to get anything resembling those thoughts out and onto the screen. And I do this for a living. Go figure. You’d think it gets easier with time, but sometimes it really doesn’t.

Hence, the more than a week between posts.

It’s been a big week, a great week – a real week of firsts … so forgive me as I attempt to summarise! Continue reading

Fave pizza toppings … share & win!

Homemade pizzas have been a ‘go to’ meal in our household for many years. Perfect for easy Friday nights at home and sharing with friends, there’s usually enough to take to work the next day to enjoy cold (surely there’s some more cold pizza lovers out there?)

So when I was approached to try out Bakers Delight‘s new pizza bases, I jumped at the chance.

What I love about making pizzas at home is that anything goes. You’re not locked into the conventions of traditional pizza toppings, you can try new combos that your local pizza joint would probably laugh at and, which is often the case in our home, you can experiment with the existing contents of your pantry/fridge. Continue reading

An experiment in running

I never thought this day would come; I am attempting to run.

The decision just kind of crept up on me. Like I was gingerly leading myself towards trying it out, while I remained fixed in my view of myself as an uncoordinated, unsporty type who exercises out of necessity only and not a deep love.

But then as I witnessed my friend Kate smashing her own exercise goals (have you checked out Return of the Mackie, yet?) I thought it was time to set some new goals of my own. As we discussed our mutual lack of running skills, the conversation morphed into doing the C25K program. And out of my brain chatter of excuses, leapt one prominent thought, ‘Why not?’. And at that moment I resolved to give it a go and see where it took me. Continue reading