A place for inspiration

I have been meaning to attempt this project for many months: turn plain canvas into attractive fabric covered memo board.

But I kept putting it off and putting it off. First, I couldn’t decide on a fabric. Then once I finally decided on the fabric and bought my other materials – a scary looking staple gun and contrasting ribbon – I had convinced myself that I was too craftily inept to complete said project.

Then I went and wrote a DIY piece for my day job on this very project and I couldn’t find any good images to accompany the story. So with deadline looming and images needed, I had no other option than to just DIM (do it myself). In hindsight it was a great act of self-trickery.

So, yesterday when J boy went down for his nap I set to work. Mr P, who is more a hands on type of person than I, was loitering around telling me how he would attempt the project so I gave him the staple gun which seemed to please him.

And it came off without a hitch and now I am scouting around the house looking for other things I can staple cool looking fabric onto!

My new fancy inspiration board is currently sitting against the wall at the end of my desk waiting for inspiring messages and photos. For the moment I am just enjoying looking at the cute little trees on that lovely blue background and its serving its purpose – from little things, big things grow and all that.

What’s inspiring you today?

4 thoughts on “A place for inspiration

  1. Lovely!!! I too have been wanting to do one of these for AGES!!! Now I know why you were asking about the corners on my big fabric covered canvases!!
    Looks gorgeous xxx


  2. Ah necessity 🙂 Looks great!


  3. Your crafty sister will be impressed!!!


  4. good friend Joanna over at Baby Gators Dena0started a new post last week, a Thankful Thursday. a0I loved reidang it & knew I wanted to do one of my own! a0This week she invited other


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