Introducing Life & Other Plans

I really haven’t mastered this whole art of self promotion and I’m starting to think that in the blog world that is the equivalent of an ‘epic fail’ … whatever that means!

So forgive me as I muddle through this …

I have a new fancy looking blog that is appearing on The Road Ahead Lifestyle website, called Life & Other Plans.

To surmise, it’s a little like what you get here but a slightly less emotional and personal. See what I mean about my self promotion skills? I’m really selling it aren’t I?

These couple of paragraphs from my first post, probably sum it up best:

John Lennon knew what he was on about when he said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. While we are dreaming and scheming, working our way up or plotting a soft landing, there are universal mundanities that are common to us all. The washing always has to be done; the floors aren’t going to clean themselves and money almost always doesn’t stretch as far as you want it to.

With so much of our lives devoted to everyday tasks, it makes sense to make the most of them. To look at ways to streamline things and be more efficient so there is more time for the good stuff.

It’s very different experience to be writing a personal blog, within an existing lifestyle website that is part of a company that I am employed by. But I am enjoying the challenge of putting posts together that combine my personal experience with content and topics that are relevant to the site.

Please come over and have a look and give the new girl a bit of comment love – Life & Other Plans.

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