My new favourite blog

Just as I am pulling myself out my own blogging doldrums (with the help of all of you fabulous people!), I am very excited to welcome the arrival of my best friend Kate to the blogging world at Return of the Mackie.

I’ve blogged about the lovely Kate before here – she really is a top chick and she is currently going through a big life change as she takes on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation challenge and prepares for her wedding in November.

This photo is a favourite of mine of the two of us, taken by Kate’s fiance Leonie, when I was around 35 weeks pregnant with Jarvis. Continue reading

A place for inspiration

I have been meaning to attempt this project for many months: turn plain canvas into attractive fabric covered memo board.

But I kept putting it off and putting it off. First, I couldn’t decide on a fabric. Then once I finally decided on the fabric and bought my other materials – a scary looking staple gun and contrasting ribbon – I had convinced myself that I was too craftily inept to complete said project.

Then I went and wrote a DIY piece for my day job on this very project and I couldn’t find any good images to accompany the story. So with deadline looming and images needed, I had no other option than to just DIM (do it myself). In hindsight it was a great act of self-trickery.

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Eye of the tiger

It’s about time I gave myself a blog-based pep up. Eye of the tiger is blasting on my in-mind audio system …



You see, I’m one of these people that gives up a little too easily. Or moulds themselves to make others more comfortable, while I’m so twisted and bent out of shape that I find it hard to find my way back to my own path again.

I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember.

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Inanimate object of desire

Eat yo’ heart our Real Living magazine!

Here is a picture of our new vintage sideboard, purchased just yesterday from the fabulous Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

I keep staring at it, admiring its beauty and fighting the urge to open the drawers just to take in its unique smell – teak mixed with furniture wax with a hint of history.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved an inanimate object this much. I keep sneaking glances at it now, just to try and describe it but I’m lost for words. Continue reading

Introducing Life & Other Plans

I really haven’t mastered this whole art of self promotion and I’m starting to think that in the blog world that is the equivalent of an ‘epic fail’ … whatever that means!

So forgive me as I muddle through this …

I have a new fancy looking blog that is appearing on The Road Ahead Lifestyle website, called Life & Other Plans.

To surmise, it’s a little like what you get here but a slightly less emotional and personal. See what I mean about my self promotion skills? I’m really selling it aren’t I? Continue reading

Where's my head at?

I am finding it a bit tricky to blog at the moment. Usually I’d just ride it out and wait for a thought to pop up into my head or a moment to inspire or a feeling that needs to be written out but although I’ve had lots of those moments, I can’t seem to put words to them.

I start typing and it just doesn’t sound right or my inner critic whispers ‘who cares?’ in my ear and that every present doubt rises up and cuts me off mid sentence and I suddenly find something else ultra important to do. Such as emptying the bin, stacking the dishwasher or staring inanely at the ‘What do you think?’ section of Essential Baby. Continue reading