Getting permanent marker off timber floors

This is the first in what is sure to be a series of ‘accidental how-tos’.

Mr P rings me yesterday afternoon while I was still at work to announce that J had got hold of a permanent marker and proceeded to decorate the kitchen floor, while Mr P was diligently preparing dinner.

I won’t go into that whole ‘men can’t multitask’ issue, but I did question as to how J got his hands on said permanent marker in the first place and then how he managed to escape notice while fashioning such an intricate scribble only steps away. ‘I was cutting veges’, Mr P protested. OK, best leave that one alone.

While on the phone, Mr P had said he’d tried to get it off, but preliminary methods proved ineffective. It was agreed that Google would provide us with an answer – as surely this dilemma is one that has faced many parents before us.

When I got home I saw the scribble for myself and admitted it was impressive and Mr P started googling. Among all the recommendations of various types of magical erasers and weird cleaning products I’d never heard of was a simple solution – toothpaste. The poster promised enthusiastically that it worked everytime.

Soon the smell of mint filled the air as Mr P got scrubbing and we can now concur that it worked and our timber floor is now as good as new.

So what weird and wacky (or tried and true) methods have you found to fix up those little child-aided ‘accidents’ around the home?

2 thoughts on “Getting permanent marker off timber floors

  1. Awwwwwww. His first drawing!! (cheeky little monkey though!)

    I had never heard of the toothpaste method, but a few mum friends online have once or twice mentioned the wonders of those magic erasers. I have seen them in Big W before.


  2. hi,
    I have to try the toothpaste!!! Have discovered the hard way that ‘washable’ kids’ felt pens are actually indelible ink… magic erasers, orange oil, every cleaning product known to this woman has failed terribly. Lucky we needed to paint anyway 😛


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