Word to yo Mummas

It’s mothers’ day here in Australia – a day to sit back and lap up the gifts, food and love from ones children. My Facebook feed has been full of ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ type status updates. While they all carried with them a lovely sentiment they got a bit boring after awhile until this video post featuring Mr T caught my eye.

Direct from the so-bad, it’s good eighties file, good ol’ Mr T is so serious about his ‘Treat yo mumma right’ message but the lyrics to the song are just too funny.

My Mothers’ Day has been a great one.

I was presented with my well-chosen gift (complete with price tag – thanks boys!):

mothers day pressies

We enjoyed a very tasty breakfast at local cafe Grub St:

zucchini haloumi fritters @ Grub St

Followed by general relaxation and tracky-wearing sloth-like behaviour:

sloth like behaviour

Happy Mothers’ Day y’all!

3 thoughts on “Word to yo Mummas

  1. I can’t wait to buy Bossypants!!! Love Tina Fey.

    ALSO……I can TOTALLY see baby j all over your face in that photo!! Always saw more of Adam in the face – but it’s all you in this one!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you my loveliest friend xxxx


  2. ps. love the Mr T. Love his spelling out of Mother and what each letter stand for. Bit of an accrostic poem style inspiration if you ask me.


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