The middle

I’ve never been too good at finding my middle ground. A place safe from extremes. The middle always seemed such a boring place to be, so I would swing wildly between over indulgence and self-deprivation, reigning myself in completely when I had realised I’d swung too far. Without even realising what I was doing.

One extreme to the other.

All or nothing. Continue reading

Getting permanent marker off timber floors

This is the first in what is sure to be a series of ‘accidental how-tos’.

Mr P rings me yesterday afternoon while I was still at work to announce that J had got hold of a permanent marker and proceeded to decorate the kitchen floor, while Mr P was diligently preparing dinner.

I won’t go into that whole ‘men can’t multitask’ issue, but I did question as to how J got his hands on said permanent marker in the first place and then how he managed to escape notice while fashioning such an intricate scribble only steps away. ‘I was cutting veges’, Mr P protested. OK, best leave that one alone. Continue reading

Word to yo Mummas

It’s mothers’ day here in Australia – a day to sit back and lap up the gifts, food and love from ones children. My Facebook feed has been full of ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ type status updates. While they all carried with them a lovely sentiment they got a bit boring after awhile until this video post featuring Mr T caught my eye.

Direct from the so-bad, it’s good eighties file, good ol’ Mr T is so serious about his ‘Treat yo mumma right’ message but the lyrics to the song are just too funny. Continue reading

Giant leaps into the unknown

He really did have crawling down pat, my boy. He started with a commando crawl at 10 1/2 months and just after 12 months he started getting his bottom up with his weight on his knees and was cruising around furniture and the like. But he’d still drop down to his commando default setting regularly, swishing across the floor when the task called for him to pick up the pace.

He won’t be far away from walking, bystanders said. I was confident they were right. But as the months wore on, there were no steps in sight. Continue reading