Day out with Thomas

Saturday morning saw us loading into the car for a road trip out to Ipswich to have breakfast with the Fat Controller at the opening day of Day Out with Thomas at the Workshops Rail Museum.

The invite arrived in my work inbox and I had to have a chuckle to myself at how excited I was about being invited to meet a characterised railway worker and take photos of a whole heap of large scale versions of characterised trains.

My pre-baby self would have mocked me mercilessly. Not only would the event feature no trays of champagne, but it would be held out at Ipswich – just under an hour drive, but considered a world away by the bulk of the Brisbane populace (or just wannabe snobs such as yours truly).

But the fact is that J seems to be a big fan of Thomas and his friends, if his uninhibited dancing to the theme song is any indication, and I was excited to see the joy on his little face.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

J had a great time pointing at Thomas and his various friends:

DOWT2011 Pointer

J and mum DOWT2011

Riding the rails (note dirty knees and pants from excessive crawling)

J rides the trains

And getting ‘inked’ with his temporary Thomas tattoo, which so far refuses to scrub off.

Tatt time DOWT2011

J's Thomas Tatt

For those in the South-East Queensland area, Day out with Thomas is on until May 2, 2011. Click here for more details.

One thought on “Day out with Thomas

  1. we LOVED this a couple of years ago just before Jack turned two.. was the best day.. and he is still in love with trains and Thomas 2 years later. Look like you guys had a ball too.. Loving the Tatt on Jboy.. x
    We have many Thomas DVD’s and I still sing happily to the Thomas tune even after hearing it a gazzilion times!!


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