Mondays spent Gleeless, or is that glum?

Mondays I tend to skip home from the train station knowing that my routine will be eat, read stories to J and put him to bed and then shower and settle in for my favourite show of the week … Glee.

I am unashamed to say that I’m a total Gleek to the power of infinity and considering there is no other show on the free-to-air network’s prime time viewing schedule that I actively follow, it’s the one time of the week I get actively excited about sitting down in front of the box.

That was until last week. There was to be no Glee, instead there was to be a Oprah special with the cast of Glee. ‘Meh’, I thought and took myself off to the gym to watch the sorry program on the treadmill tele. It was from season one, and all the story line stuff was so last year. I was glad I didn’t devote couch time to the program.

This week, I was in the shower forgoing gym for devoted viewing and Mr P bursts in to inform me ‘No Glee’. Replaced by Undercover Boss. I ranted mid-hair wash about channel 10’s lack of consideration for me, and people like me. And as he backed away looking slightly scared, I started penning angry missives to channel 10 in my mind.

Stuff you Channel 10, I thought. I’ll just download myself an episode direct from the States.

It was then that I disasterously discovered that Glee must be on some sort of break in the US, and we are in fact up to date with their last screened episode. The next ep is screening there on April 19, according to IMDb … two weeks away! Wah!

I take to Youtube to rewatch the long-awaited Kurt and Blain kiss from last episode. But even that has been snatched away by 20th Century Fox for copyright reasons. Sigh.

Until then, I’ll have to soothe myself with 30 Rock on DVD until my Monday nights are Gleeful again.

How about you? What TV show are you currently obsessed with?

3 thoughts on “Mondays spent Gleeless, or is that glum?

  1. I am totally obsessed with “The Mentalist.” I only recently started watching and I love a good drama and the star is a local boy and is so good on the eye! When he gives you that smile, it really does light up your life!!!


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