Day out with Thomas

Saturday morning saw us loading into the car for a road trip out to Ipswich to have breakfast with the Fat Controller at the opening day of Day Out with Thomas at the Workshops Rail Museum.

The invite arrived in my work inbox and I had to have a chuckle to myself at how excited I was about being invited to meet a characterised railway worker and take photos of a whole heap of large scale versions of characterised trains.

My pre-baby self would have mocked me mercilessly. Not only would the event feature no trays of champagne, but it would be held out at Ipswich – just under an hour drive, but considered a world away by the bulk of the Brisbane populace (or just wannabe snobs such as yours truly). Continue reading

This week I'm grateful for … answers

“I’m sorry that the news may not be what you were hoping for,” the neurologist’s voice trailed off as we moved towards ending our phone conversation.

It wasn’t until he said this that it even crossed my mind that I’d just received ‘bad news’. We had some answers, which was better than no answers. I had convinced myself that no answers was worst case scenario and any other news we could deal with. Continue reading

Mondays spent Gleeless, or is that glum?

Mondays I tend to skip home from the train station knowing that my routine will be eat, read stories to J and put him to bed and then shower and settle in for my favourite show of the week … Glee.

I am unashamed to say that I’m a total Gleek to the power of infinity and considering there is no other show on the free-to-air network’s prime time viewing schedule that I actively follow, it’s the one time of the week I get actively excited about sitting down in front of the box. Continue reading